Change / alternate the BMW emblem on the hood and tailgate!

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Last year, BMW proudly announced that on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the founding of “M”, the motorsport logo yields. And not only on complete vehicles like M3 and M4, but also Also as a supplement From the M Performance Parts catalog. In other words, if you dare, you can use your BMW with it M Motorsport logo to equip. But for the change to be possible at all, the old logos must be on the hood and tailgate lowest. And even if existing emblems are replaced by new ones, for example due to weathering, defects, etc., this instructable can be useful. In this article, we would like to briefly explain how change works.

Change the BMW logo!

BMW Motorsport Emblem 2022 Tuning 5

Has the badge become rotten, peeling, or even partially fallen off? Then here we have the perfect guide on how to do it easily can renew itself. Our instructions can be applied in principle to all BMW models and in general to all car brands. Because the installation method is almost always the same. The instructions are specifically for BMW 5 Series G30 model generation (also F90 M5). By the way, the logos can be removed from the inside in this case Not possible. The utensils required are: Flat head screwdriver with tip as flat as possible (flat plastic wedge is better), masking tape/tape, cloth, new emblems, OEM plastic sleeves if needed. no desire to is reading? Then this is short video!

  • Instructions for changing the BMW logo on the front
  • At best, hide the paint around the logo
  • Glide under it carefully with a plastic wedge or similar and remove (start at the 6 o’clock position – straight in the front)
    – With a screwdriver, there is a high risk of damaging the paint (alternatively, wrap it in a cloth to create a “cushion”)
    – ideally to the right and left of the logo (in the middle) (the locks are located)
    Keep/avoid the leverage in the direction of the hood as low as possible
  • Clean the paint under the logo (if necessary, touch the paint with a repair pen if there are scratches)
  • Replace the rubber grommets/cover(s) under the logo if defective
  • Click on the new logo on the snapshots
    – M Motorsport logo Staysince there are no longer any locks in the front
    – When installing the M Motorsport logo, remove the rubber o-rings in advance and seal the slots (with body glue) if necessary
  • If necessary, heat the emblem a little with a hair dryer and press it again (this way the tape sticks better)
  • Instructions for changing the BMW logo on the back of the car
  • Continue with the badge on the front
  • Click the logo in place
  • If necessary, heat the emblem a little with a hair dryer and press it (this way the tape sticks better)

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