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Asahi Kasei presents a prospective study with a comprehensive perspective

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Automobile supplier Asahi Kasei presented a concept study. The main attraction of the vehicle is the transparent dome.

Akxy2 Asahi Kasei concept vehicle has a translucent dome.

(Photo: Asahi Kasei)

Japanese supplier Asahi Kasei made a somewhat unusual concept study. The car, titled “AKXY2” (pronounced “Axe”) is particularly eye-catching due to its height-adjustable vaulted roof. The designers and engineers asked themselves how the car could serve as a platform for inspiration for our future society. According to Asahi Kasei experts, it will serve as a gathering place to mingle with friends and family, just like a backyard.

The supplier’s focus when designing Akxy was on materials and materials used – the company’s core competencies. According to a statement, the supplier made or helped develop nearly all of the components and materials that occupants can see and touch. From technical textiles to rubber materials, engineers have incorporated materials into the concept that can contribute to a lower carbon footprint of vehicles compared to conventional materials.

Recycled polyester and butadiene biomass

The interior surfaces are covered with microfiber leather, which is made in part from recycled polyester. Car seat upholstery is made of spacer fabric, that is, double-layered textiles, partly made of bio-polyester. The synthetic rubber used in the tire tread is said to allow good wet grip with low rolling resistance. This should also reduce the wear of the microplastics. Asahi Kasei uses biomass-based butadiene to make rubber.

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Other subjects of study are feel of textiles, soundproof interiors, and cleanliness. Mainly because of the Covid-19 virus, more users wanted the antimicrobial properties of surfaces and higher air quality. For this purpose, the company uses components made of nonwovens or antimicrobial sensors that detect carbon dioxide2Salary monitoring. This feature also makes it possible to detect abandoned passengers or pets in the vehicle. With semi-transparent fabrics, backing and optical fiber plastic, the supplier also implements individual ambient lighting in the car.

50% of respondents want to change car brands

According to the company, the demands of users on the interior are increasing. The supplier is based on the commissioned study from November 2021. One of the results of this survey among customers in China, Germany, Japan and the United States is: 50 percent of car users will choose a brand different from the current car the next time they buy a car decide.

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“Customer demands are driving auto manufacturers to change current operations in the direction of more safety, comfort and more vehicle sustainability,” says Heiko Rother, General Manager Automotive Business Development at Asahi Kasei Europe. “Therefore, the materials used in the vehicle, as well as the drive used or driving performance, is a critical differentiating factor.”

Akxy2 is a must see at many trade shows. less:

  • Detroit Auto Show: September 2022, Detroit, USA
  • K Plastic Expo 2022: October 2022, Dusseldorf
  • CES 2023: January, Las Vegas, USA

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