Ambilight adjustment within the automobile!

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Many tuners/tuners specialize in Ambient Light Adjustment in cars. This special equipment plays an increasingly important role in vehicles. They are available in several versions, which differ in color (RGB) and are mounted on different places. Premium manufacturers in particular are incorporating ambient lighting into every current model. In Audi, BMW and Mercedes, the ambient lighting is the same special equipment in the price list. In turn, they are part of the standard equipment in the higher equipment lines. Ambient lighting gives cars their individual style. However, a distinction is made between two different lighting styles. The directly Ambient lighting as well not directly. is controlled by a Application Control or about Onboard computer from the car. In addition, the control is integrated directly into the Audi Man Machine Interface (MMI), the BMW multimedia infotainment system (iDrive) or the Mercedes-Benz infotainment system (Comand).

Ambient Light

to install a file Indirect ambient lighting Prefabricated grooves are used in the interior slats of the car. If these are not available, they can be custom made. And all this so that only the human eye perceives the luminous effect. This is how the fiberglass remains invisible. Another way in Direct Ambient Light to reject. Here, the extension is performed along the inward current phase guide. However, fiberglass is always perfectly visible. In order to create a subtle look, a 3mm pattern Selection. Both techniques are often used in production vehicles these days, sometimes in combination. So retrofit providers also offer both methods.

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Monochrome or with RGB control

Ambient lighting for retrofit, for example, is available as monochrome variable. But it only gets really fun with RGB . Ambient Lighting. With this variant, everything can usually be adjusted individually by controlling the vehicle. We are talking here specifically about color and the brightness. In addition, there is also a subdivision into different areas possible. It can be controlled, for example, via the navigation system or the on-board computer in the car. from one Multi-zone ambient lighting By the way, in current vehicles one talks about when different areas of the car can be illuminated with a different color and brightness. When monochrome ambient lighting is modified, the system is usually connected to the vehicle’s interior lighting. However, only brightness can be regulated!

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Illuminate the ventilation holes and speakers

But not only the traditional places in the car such as the center console or many dashboards or doors can light up. It can too jet planes To be modernized with a lighted turbine design. One example is the extended ambient lighting from SCHAWE Car Design GmbH. However, this is by no means the end of the story for the suppliers of this diversion kit. until LoudspeakerAnd the Loudspeaker or the Rear seat It can be modified to different models with a stretch Ambilight are refined. and Dot Synchronization with Classic Ambient Light It can be easily implemented. Does your car already have ambient lighting from the factory? Don’t worry, even then, upgrades can still be tweaked.

SCHAWE Mercedes G Class W463A Tuning 2 . Nozzles

How can I legally modify LED ambient lighting?

In principle, retrofitting LED lighting for the interior is legally possible without any problems:

  • Almost everything is regulated in the StVZO regulations. However, the interior lighting sketchy included. As a result, there is no legal regulation regulating the color of light.
  • In principle, however, retrofitting is allowed No other road users are at risk. For example, when the door is opened, no bright light should shine outside.
  • This also explains why you are not allowed to install LED lights on sills or doors (keyword: underbody lighting).
  • The windshield area as well as the side and rear windows are also taboo when retrofitting.
  • Not a problem It is the dashboard lighting. This also applies if you install light and spot strips in the footprint.

How do you modify the LED lighting surrounding a group?

  1. The simplest solution is a ready-made solution LED Ambience Kit. The new look is available for less than 40 euros. It is also ready to use quickly.
  2. Self-adhesive lights are universally suitable for every vehicle.
  3. You can usually choose from 16 different colors, which can also be adjusted in terms of brightness.
  4. The lighting is usually controlled by a remote control. LED lights turn off automatically after a certain period of time. However, this function can also be deselected so that the lighting is permanent.
  5. In the first step, the so-called “wall washer” And the “SpotlightSimply charged via USB interface.
  6. In order for the lighting to interact with the remote control, it must be taught in the second step. This is described in more detail in the instructions of the respective manufacturer.
  7. Now all you need is a convenient place in the car.
  8. The “wall washer” is especially suitable for footprints, because it spreads light very widely.
  9. If lighting is connected to cloth or textiles, a Velcro to be attached. Without it, the units will not stick permanently.
  10. The base suite can usually be upgraded at any time using the add-ons provided.

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Adjusting Ambilight Retrofit Fitting

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