Social Icons are utilized in Christie’s Public sale

Nigerian artist Osinachi uses social symbols during a Christie’s events. A total of five NTFs of his artwork Different Shades of Water are available at the London auction house until October 19.

But not only the use of social icons during an art auction is the first of its kind. in history christy europe It is also the first time that an African artist has exhibited his work there. Osinachi sure makes a lasting imprint.

It is currently possible to gain an artist’s social icon by promoting their digital art on social media OSINA dollars to earn. behind her Socialstack, a dApp on Ethereum and Celo that allows minting (creating) and issuing social tokens. Osinachi – Creative Director at Socialstack – This functionality is now used to bring users closer to the platform.

In the first step, it is only necessary to call one of the “different shades of water” works on your laptop or mobile phone. Then you have to take a picture in front of it and then these with the signs Tweet embed And the Tweet embed Posted on Twitter. got 20 OSIN dollars can then under Socialstack Redeemed for Osinachi NFT, merchandise, or other items.

social coding

It’s no secret that social icons are generally gaining traction. As a rule, they are not issued by classic companies, but can be associated with one person, a purpose or a larger community. All about social icons – We previously discussed how to create one in the May issue of Kryptokompass.

The essence of social codes lies in the democratization of value sharing. Accordingly, these tokens seek that both producers and users have an equal share of the profits generated. In Osinachi’s case, this means that real value was generated not only from the artworks themselves, but also by the users who helped promote the art on social media.

However, other use cases for social symbols can also be envisaged. An example of this is the social broker BitClout. The platform uses social symbols to mark up the Twitter accounts of individuals and celebrities. In principle, users can invest there in the reputation of individuals. For example, if an influencer gets a comic storm, the value of their BitClout profile drops.

London auction house Christie’s Hop on the NFT train with the first sale of an iconic artwork in October of last year. It remains to be seen whether the launch of the Osinachis Social Token will continue to pave the way towards social tokenization.

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