McLaren F1 tremendous sports activities automobile will fetch almost 13 million euros

$15 Million: If that estimate still sounds like it’s understated, it should be very special car an act! subordinate McLaren F1developed between 1989 and 1992 by mastermind Gordon Murray, is not only used as a file Find super sports cars today act, it also belongs to The most desirable and stable value cars in the world. As part of ‘Carweek 2021’, Gooding & Company will offer an auction in August 2021 Fred McLaren F1!

McLaren models in the used car market AUTO BILD

Chassis number 029 (VIN SA9AB5AC9S1048029) is unique in many ways. For anyone, it is Only F1Indians brown kraiton Painted – a shade between brown and purple, named after shareholder and former CEO of McLaren († 2006). on the other side Chassis 029 is practically a new car: Since delivery in 1995, F1 It only covered 387 km. Despite the low mileage, F1 presents itself in Excellent Condition. This is because the previous owners serviced the collector element regularly. It almost goes without saying that the entire history can be documented. According to official documents, the F1 029 was the 25th car to leave the factory and was delivered to its owner in 1995. The first owner was shipped to Japan, where he was part of a private group for many years. From there it was sold to its current owner in the US without much media attention. There, too, an F1 car with a unique brown shade is rarely driven, but regularly maintained.

The central seating position makes the driving experience in F1 very special. Inside is in new condition.

Only 106 McLaren F1s were built

There are many reasons why the McLaren F1 is one of the most desirable cars in the world today. One point is exclusivity: originally the 350 McLaren F1 should have been built, but McLaren could only have 106 copies between 1993 and 1997 for sale. Of these vehicles only 106 78 legal streetThe other 28 units were intended for the thoroughbred F1 GTR race car. Incidentally, nowadays quite a few F1 GTRs have been converted and approved for road use. In addition, the F1 car developed by Gordon Murray was not only the first modern McLaren sports car, but also developed without restrictions.

McLaren F1 with BMW V12 naturally aspirated engine

Murray Just presented his latest creation, T.50was the goal The ultimate sports car to construct. To do this, he broke many conventions: that’s how it is F1 three seats, with the driver centered and front passengers on the right and left balanced slightly to the rear. In addition, the F1 body is made of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) Modernity in the early nineties. When it comes to the engine, McLaren grabbed one of the BMW 6.1-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine (S70B61) Returned in F1 627 hp and 650 Nm Procedure. In the F1 LM, which was only built six times, it had up to 680 horsepower. Power is delivered to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual transmission, and due to Light weight 1138 kg only F1 was fast. Specifically, F1 has been the fastest production car in the world for many years: in 1998 the still-existing XP5 prototype with an increased speed limiter reached one Incredible top speed of 391 km/h – To this day, F1 is the fastest car in the world powered by a naturally aspirated engine.
McLaren F1 1995 - Pebble Beach Parc de Concours

To match the collector’s item, accessories such as the luggage set, tool cart and TAG Heuer wristwatch are all included.

McLaren F1 cars regularly fetch the highest prices

The majority of F1 stock has been in the hands of collectors for many years. So it should be The Sultan of Brunei has ordered ten McLaren F1 cars Only one example (Structure No. 014) was shown as an “escape”. So the fact that the McLaren F1 is officially on display is the absolute exception. No wonder, then, that so many McLaren F1 cars have been used so frequently over the past years and decades Standard auction prices Achieve. In the August 2015 It became the chassis No. 073 (later fitted with LM group) for $13.75 million at auction. Only two years ago, the 018 chassis (later also converted to LM specification) was capable of Incredible price 18 million dollars reach. Including fees, the highest bid was US$19.8 million, equivalent to about €16.6 million.

Estimated price 12.6 million euros

It is therefore entirely conceivable that the McLaren F1 is shown here with the chassis number 029 den Estimated $15 million (about 12.6 million euros) It has clearly been exceeded. After all, it’s practically a unique new car in this color and still based on the original Goodyear tires from 1995 – and it’s offered with all original documents and accessories. In addition to the service booklet and operating instructions, these include a titanium tool kit, a Facom tool cart, an original suitcase/bag set, a “Tag Heuer” wristwatch, and a matching “Driving Ambition” book. The legendary McLaren F1 will be auctioned at Pebble Beach Auctions on 14th and 15th August, 2021.

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