Automobile LED gentle: straightforward to regulate

LED headlights are energy efficient, durable, and promise much better light output than classic alternatives. LED lights are almost standard on new cars. But even with older models, the H7 LED bulb can usually be modified – and completely legal.

LED headlights are much brighter than conventional alternatives – and thus indirectly promise greater safety when driving. In addition, LEDs are more durable and produce significantly less heat. Many modern cars are already equipped with LED headlights, but LED headlights can now also be legally modified – at least some. Osram, for example, announces for its “Night Breaker H7-LED” that it has brought the first certified low-beam LED in Germany to the market (View on Amazon).

In the meantime, however, Osram has competition from the also certified “Philips Ultinon Pro6000 H7-LED” LED bulb (View on Amazon). On some vehicles, LEDs can only be used with an adapter ring. You can find the corresponding selection on Amazon (View on Amazon).

LED headlights adjustment

Whether or not you can modify one of the LED lights above varies from car to car. Osram and Philips both provide a compatibility list to check if your vehicle is supported (see table below). Verify the number by your vehicle’s headlight certification number on the appropriate page. You will find the number on the vehicle registration document and on the headlight.

On the other hand, you will have to check how easy or difficult it is to get directly to the headlight in the car. If you are not confident in doing the conversion yourself, a workshop can also do the work.

After installation, you still have to download the approval (ABG) from the LED manufacturer and take it with you in the car.

H7 LED bulbs for car

Osram Night Breaker Philips Ultinon Pro6000

street legal in

Germany, Austria

Germany, Austria


H7, low beam

H7, low beam



12 volts / 15 watts

ABG . Certificate

Download it from the manufacturer, print it and take it with you in the car

Download it from the manufacturer, print it and take it with you in the car

Customer Rating (Amazon)

4.6 out of 5 stars (about 4,770 votes)

4.5 out of 5 stars (about 1,030 votes)

View on Amazon

about 109 EUR

to the store
(to the shop)

about 103 euros

to the store
(to the shop)

Check compatibility

To check in Osram

to check in Philips

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