This put on half is far more costly than the combustion engine

Anyone who chooses an electronic car can expect lower costs in many cases: the environmental bonus helps with the purchase, and the current cost of charging and insurance is lower than with gasoline or diesel. But on the one hand, this electronic car is more expensive for its driver – you will often notice this later.

Special tires for e-cars cost drivers dearly

E-cars can’t just convince with zero-emissions rides. Once purchased, operating costs are often much cheaper than gasoline or diesel. Stromer drivers currently offer very high fuel prices, insurance companies usually charge lower fees, and vehicle tax is lower. Thanks to the environmental bonus, the purchase price has been reduced to a level comparable to current combustion engines.

The bottom line is that e-cars are the cheapest alternative in the long run. But not everything about the electric car is cheaper than it was with the old combustion engine. In addition to the possibility of repairing the battery, changing the tires can also cost you dearly. because special Tires tailored to the requirements of e-cars cost much higher than typical combustion models.

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TankenApp with petrol price trend

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TankenApp with petrol price trend

TankenApp with petrol price trend

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This is the result of a study conducted by tire platform Alzura Tire24 on behalf of Automobilwoche (Source: Automobilwoche via t-online). Accordingly, the average EV tire is approx Almost half the price of the current models of combustion engines.

In numbers, this means: in March 2022, drivers paid an average of €90.67 for a classic tyre. specific On the other hand, electric car tires cost €134.80 Thus 48.7 per cent more. In addition, there is general inflation and a scarcity of raw materials, which is also reflected in tire prices. The prices are said to have risen in the past two years by about 60 per cent.

Rent an e-car and get a bonus of 6000 euros

Special tires for electric cars – should they be?

But why the differences? E-cars can benefit from special tires with low rolling resistance. This way you can have a little bit more range, It is one of the most important criteria for Stromern. Rolling noise should also be reduced and overall driving characteristics improved. Electronic tires must withstand greater acceleration than tires in combustion engines.

This should be considered before buying an electric car:

And these newly developed tires cost the manufacturers something. “New products rarely have the price pressure of established products,” explains Michael Saitow of tire platform operator Saitow AG for Automobilwoche. But this also means: Over time, the prices of special e-car tires are likely to drop. You don’t have to rely on it anyway, classic tires for electric cars can also be fitted. Simply dispense with the extra band or otherwise get more of it.

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