Stamp golf equipment within the Ludwigsburg area are shedding steam

County of Ludwigsburg. It’s a nostalgic look back. Eric Reinhardt has been collecting stamps for more than 50 years and has been president of the philatelic association of Bietigheim-Bissingen for 22 years. But it’s over now. Things are lost. “In our club, no one is interested in exhibitions or competitions anymore. I have to do all this on my own. I am now over 70, which is too much for me,” says Eric Reinhardt.

Membership Rejection

In better times, there were more than 80 members of the club, today there are only 32. They are on average over 70 years old. “I am no longer a board member and there has been no applicant from the club. So I have to finish this,” Reinhardt said. Although there are younger members of the association between 45 and 60, it is clear that they are in the minority. Only youngsters will come Intermittently.“It’s clear, young people have completely different interests,” says the chairman.

There are only a few true stamp collectors left. They are looking for rare and special stamps. The majority will be “speculators”, which he promises himself. They buy stamps to sell them later at a higher price. But there are currently many brands on the market. Work is not going well.

In addition, many combinations will be dissolved, which will also flood the show. The thing about Speculators: You don’t need a club. This also leads to a lack of interest.

Interest in exhibitions is also waning

Bernaud Schubert, Chairman of the Kornwestheim Stamp Friends Board of Directors, shares this assessment. His association still holds a large stamp fair at K at the weekend, but interest in such things has declined significantly. “When it comes to exhibitions, I’m also a lone fighter. I’ve given many tasks to the students. They also help me prepare. The club’s interest is going towards zero. Things like that are important to him, and that’s fun too. But if there’s no support for a while,” Schubert says. Long, at some point it is time to solve the matter. With the exhibition taking place on the weekend, he wants to send a signal, even if he knows that few people might hear it. His club currently only has 30 members. He may no longer have the Philatelic Association of Steinheim More Hope too.It was dissolved a few months ago for similar reasons.

For Bernward Schubert, the momentum of a stamp association depends largely on the momentum of the plate. This leads the other members. But if there is no longer any interest in the club, it will be very difficult.

The situation is completely different in auction houses. One of the largest companies in Germany is located in Bietigheim – the company Christoph Gärtner. According to the company, its annual turnover is more than 20 million euros. About 80 percent of this is generated using stamps.

Auctions are very popular

“Work is going well for us at the moment. During the pandemic, many people have discovered their love for stamps,” says Stephanie Väkelmann, the company’s press officer. The entry age for those interested in major stamp auctions has also decreased each year. He is now about 40 years old.

It seems that there is still money to be made with stamps, but it is doubtful whether this mood will also save collectors’ associations.

Info: Philatelic friends of Kornwistim are organizing an exhibition at the Cultural Center this weekend. Opening hours: Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm and Sunday from 10 am to 3 pm.

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