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+++ Formula 1 Monaco: 3rd live training in the tape +++

1:14 pm
Ferrari writes to
Now things are moving. After 10 minutes of waiting, the remaining drivers try to get off one by one, all on soft tyres. With 1:14.008 Leclerc taking the lead, Red Bull now starts. However, times alone show that people haven’t yet pushed to the limit with empty tanks, two of the best Fridays have been lost.

1:07 pm
slow start
Alonso leads with a comfortable time of 1:15.809, but only Latifi has one lap left. Aside from the drivers, only Zhou, as well as Ricciardo and Bottas, who lost a lot of practice time yesterday due to an accident or fault.

13:00 “Oh the clock
FP3 – Green
The first drivers drive in the sunlight. However, the air temperature has almost reached its lowest point over the weekend so far. 27 degrees of air and 51 degrees of track temperature are slightly lower than yesterday’s values.

12:52 PM
NOW LIVE: Third Free Practice
As always, the entire training session is available in our session tape (linked above) with live commentary by the minute, positions and times of all drivers.

12:45 pm
Still 15 minutes
Then we start in Monaco with our third free training session, the qualifying rehearsal. Decisive here in many ways: On the one hand, you want of course to get used to it and get the proper feel of the car at the maximum. On the other hand, every accident is now severely punished, because with only a two-hour break before qualifying, any major damage is practically irreparable, and starting from behind is guaranteed.

12:20 pm
Friday vlog
Everything about Friday, including all the news and information about the rumors that Monaco may no longer appear on the Formula 1 calendar after 2022, we will also present it live on the site in our VLog:

We love Formula 1 in Monaco! But why is Ferrari shaking?: (09:16 minutes)

12:10 pm
Favorites for today and tomorrow
Ferrari dominated yesterday from training 2, does that make Leclerc the favorite in Monaco today? The analysis talks about it. What makes the Scuderia team so strong here and what could slow them down, in addition to Red Bull’s chances, we explain in a great training analysis:

11:59 AM
Traffic jam in regional formula
Meanwhile, Formula Regional is going straight, or trying to – after crashing, form a classic Monaco traffic jam in a Loews hairpin. The first race has been cancelled.

11:45 am
McLaren happy with the upgrade
One positive thing from this PK: McLaren is always happier with Barcelona’s big upgrade. “It’s a good step forward, especially in the slower corners,” said team principal Andreas Seidl happily. “That gave Daniel and Lando a car that runs well and inspires confidence. That’s important here. Unfortunately, Daniel pushed too much in the accident, which could hurt you here. But we should have a good car.”

Lando Norris leads the Monaco midfield so far -
Lando Norris leads the Monaco midfield so far –Photo: photo lat

11:30 am
The midfield does not see force majeure
“We made the rules and took inflation into account as well,” Szafnauer continues, citing the inflation argument. “If inflation rises above 2.5 percent for the first time, it would be a mistake to change something immediately.” It’s not a case of force majeure because inflation is not a force majeure. Teams have to choose: do they develop for a whole year and miss four races, or stop developing and all race? It’s like weight. That was obvious. It doesn’t matter if you don’t hit seven Or eight teams to the maximum weight.”

11:25 AM
Alpine wants to calculate in advance
“I balanced the season last November and we already had 7% inflation, and we took that into account,” Alpine and Otmar Szafnauer also offered no support for jamming up front. “Even if the shipping is a little more expensive than expected. Where there is a will, there is a way. The cost limit is there, and it has to stay there.”

11:21 am
No gifts from Alpha
Fred Wasser responds to budget complaints: “When energy gets too expensive, the simplest thing is to close the wind tunnel.” And he already expects Alpha to get to that point: “Then the others have to do it too.”

11:16 am
Horner warns against financial mastery
We give the complainants a final dramatic footer. “These cars are very expensive to build, and if you look at the engines for 2026, there is nothing cheap about them,” Horner said with a sigh. “We don’t want people in accounting any more than we do in the design office. It’s not supposed to be a financial tournament.” After all, we doubt the arguments for the top three will be well received by the other seven. It is fitting that Alfa’s Fredrik Vasseur, Alpine’s Atmar Saffnauer and McLaren’s Andreas Seidl were present for the second part of the team principals’ press conference.

11:12 AM
Force Majeure at cost ceiling
“Is that force majeure? War is force majeure, I think,” asserts Horner, claiming, “even teams that are seventh are in danger of violating the financial rules.” Ferrari president Binotto is now calling for solidarity with the youngsters, because he feels that two years ago they could have been accommodated when the cap was reduced from 175 to 145 million: “It was easy for us to insist on 175. But going back and then we did we understood the importance.” Ferrari even froze its bad car for 2020 because of that downgrade and another year ago in midfield.

11:06 am
Top 3 on the way to break
Christian Horner predicts “all the big teams will overtake them” when it comes to the cost cap. It anticipates what the regulations define as a “minor breach”: exceeding the limit by less than five percent. Horner tries to put this in perspective: “It could be an upgrade that could be a deciding factor. We need to clarify that and we need it soon.” He states that the limit has already been set 30 million less than originally planned due to the pandemic. His team is now suffering from mass layoffs because no one expected them given the geopolitical situation surrounding the Ukraine war with rapidly rising inflation.

11:01 am
Budget crossers keep whining
The press conference turns to the hot topic of Formula 1, one of the few topics the Big Three agree on: inflation and raising the budget ceiling. “We can prepare ourselves from 145 to 140 million, we haven’t been able to prepare for any acquisitions, but we can’t prepare for six percent inflation,” complains Ferrari chief Mattia Binotto. “It’s a shame this sport is dictated by budget limits. It has to be about technology and the sport. The rules are still very small and they still need fine-tuning, and they need more fairness and equality. The only thing we consider in Formula 1 is what we can do to give Ourselves a little breathing room is to loosen the budget a little bit. Otherwise, the team that spent the most might end up being the world champion.”

10:55 am
Red Bull offered Perez a new contract
Yesterday Perez spoke about a possible new contract, and today Horner confirmed his chances: “He has to keep doing what he’s doing. He’s doing a good job and we’re happy with him. The difference between him and Max is big compared to last year. He’s deflated. He’s already been in a great pole position in Jeddah.” This year, plus great races and he’s been a great team player. I don’t think anyone is better in Formula 1. If he continues like this, the conversations will be easy.”

10:49 AM
Horner praised team player Perez
The Barcelona team’s ordering story has been further watered down at Red Bull. “He got it on Sunday night,” Christian Horner said to Sergio Perez. “It was very simple. He’s a great team player and an important part of our team. When he saw the different strategies, the tire temperatures, how we struggled with the temperatures, it was only logical to say that the drivers didn’t let them defend against each other, and we discussed it with him. And he accepted it and fully understood it.”

10:44 AM
Mercedes is looking for the qualifiers
Of course, chief engineer Schuvelin also knows where Mercedes’ problems lie today: in the qualifying single laps. Here, of all places, where you can not afford it. “We know we have to work on it. The long term was better, we didn’t have a lot of wear and tear. But in Barcelona you can do something in the long run, in Monaco you need one cycle. We will work on that in the third round. Training.”

10:36 AM
next sick person
Lando Norris’ ongoing battle against tonsillitis – the McLaren driver still completely unfit – is no longer the only major ailment in Formula 1. The first part of the team boss’s press conference has just begun, and Mercedes boss Toto Wolff is missing. He’s sick too, Mercedes chief engineer Andrew Shovlin has to step in at short notice. Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto and Red Bull team boss Christian Horner appear with him in front of the media. Unfortunately, Toto ruined the elephant rink for us.

10:31 AM
Good morning from Monaco!
And welcome back! Another dreamy morning in central Monaco where today’s most exciting qualifying session of the year takes place. There is no other place where starting position is more important in Formula 1, and nowhere else is it difficult to drive the car perfectly to the maximum limit on that one lap. So don’t miss it – we’ll make sure if you follow us here in the bar, as we’ll report back to you live throughout the day.

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