What do you do after a automotive accident?

  • When there was an uproar: what a man Still at the scene should do And what is better not.
  • Should almost always the police come And what applies to minor damage?
  • what or what Do you have to when Insurance company report And then what?
  • Eligibility for car rental, repair and compensation for pain and suffering These are your rights.

“Body damage, that’s expensive” It is well said in the vernacular and this may also be quite true in many cases. So that by yourself The bank account is not overly stressful There are a few things to consider as a precaution should the worst happen. This does not just apply to that Behavior at the scenebut also then when dealing with car insurance and the Auto repair shop. With a little skill, you can get away with a black eye.

Correct behavior at the scene of an accident: you should definitely pay attention to it

One thing is clear: we are all human and Everyone makes mistakes. Of course, this also applies to road traffic. But what if it happened: there was an uproar, I hope it did just a bender – What now? ADAC has tips on this topic assembly and production:

  • Turn on the hazard lights
  • One Put on your safety vest
  • who – which Set up a warning triangle
  • In case of bodily injury, call 112 Such as Providing first aid
  • Anyone who feels able to do so and has not themselves suffered any harm should go to the scene of the accident safe guide Beware of different situations, taking into account the flow of traffic take pictures
  • Never leave the accident scenebecause this would hit and run away, and this is a punishable crime

The next question may be whether one is rational to call the police Should or not. if someone injury is or discount The driver just got off It is, then surely. Even if you are with one Company or rent a car If you are on the road, it is important that you insure everything with a police report, as most landlords stipulate this in the contract. Just For minor damage And you can use it with your own car too anticipationEspecially since civil servants do not usually come in such cases in any way. But maybe you only have one feeling bad about it And they’ll feel safer when the police arrive next Call 110. Or the other party involved in the incident is not very cooperative and immediately denies any guilt. Then it can be useful even in the case of minor damage if it The police documented everything. Ideally you have one Accident report Then you must fill it in with the other road user or at least share your name, address and insurance data with him or her. If everything is clarified, then The scene of the accident as soon as possible cleansed will. Usually this is the job of you and the other party involved in the incident, With the utmost caution Clean the road from auto parts or broken glass. Only in the event of very serious accidents or if you are no longer able to do so due to an injury, the fire brigade or sometimes the police will take over.

Car rental, repairs, compensation for pain and suffering and what are your other rights

But what next? If you are wholly or partly at fault for the accident, you must As soon as possible for you Call auto liability insurance and report damage. If the fault is not clearly and exclusively on the other party involved in the accident, you may have to be partially or even fully responsible Your repair costs come up. However, if the other party is partially or wholly responsible for the accident, it is advisable to contact the liability insurance company as soon as possible. nor any way You must have any debt declarations or through the insurance company on your behalf Signing incomprehensible forms. If in doubt, you can contact do you Or another car club Ask for advice. However, if things get complicated, you may need to hire a lawyer anyway.

can you with your car driving at all? If not, it should pulled it will. Insurance usually covers the costs, however Only to the nearest workshop. With relatively low repair costs, which range from 750 to 1000 euros depending on the region, it is sufficient repayment By the way, mostly cost estimate or the Invoice from the workshop. In addition, it is logical that Auto experts his job. However, you should definitely clarify this with the insurance company, which often works with certain experts.

The payment account For repairs based on specialized workshop cost rates. If you take your car to one of these, the full costs including VAT will be covered. do you have The car is no more than three years old and has a full service history, then you will even get the maximum refundable rates, and in all other cases only the most favorable hourly rates. Is it just slight damage and want on Repair maybe even waiverInsurance will pay you Possible workshop costs VAT is lower. for a time take back your car or in one total loss Until another car is purchased, you are responsible Car Rental to me. However, this should not exceed the vehicle class of your vehicle. So if you have one Small car driving and you luxury sports car Rent can do it for you become expensive. Alternatively, you can also pay the rent and then go by bike or by bus and train. In this case one is talking about one Compensation for loss of use. You can also claim towing costs, a flat fee (usually up to €30), or damage costs to personal property. Of course you are responsible too personal injury compensation If you have suffered physical damage. This is why it is so important to avoid any injury Certified by a doctor Allow. The amount usually depends on the so-called compensation tables It can hardly be predetermined. Enforcement of such claims without Attorney It can hardly be imagined. It is important for you not to sign anything that is not clear to you and preferably only after consulting with the insurance company towards the workshop waiver declaration Signal. Then you can – at least in most cases – Stay calm.

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