That is how the auto trade is reacting to the warfare in Ukraine

Volkswagen suspends operations in Russia

Volkswagen is reacting to the situation in Ukraine by suspending its business in Russia. “Against the background of the Russian attack, the group’s board of directors decided to stop production of vehicles in Russia until further notice.”It is reported from Wolfsburg. Exports to Russia also Effective immediately ceased. The group also felt supply problems: “As of today, we will not be able to manufacture in Wolfsburg in Week 11”It came in a letter from Purchasing Director Murat Axel, Director of Human Resources Gunnar Kilian and President of the Business Council Daniela Cavallo to the workforce. However, the restart was completed faster than planned at the end of March.

In Hanover and Zwickau, production lines were also halted in mid-March. Particularly hot: the plant in Saxony is an important location for the production of electric cars. This definitely shouldn’t benefit the already long delivery times. Meanwhile, Volkswagen is addressing the question of how to address the bottleneck in the wiring harness. Switching to more than one major supplier It’s hard to implement with components – without sacrificing profitability – CEO Herbert Diess explains. However, additional capacity for the new throttle parts will be built in Europe, and vehicle production will be moved to other regions such as China or the United States if needed.

Skoda suffers from a shortage of parts

As you can see, Skoda itself with one ‘serious deficiency’ Faced with deliveries of spare parts from several suppliers in Ukraine. According to the company, several models are affected. For example, the Czech subsidiary Volkswagen had to interrupt the production of the Skoda Enyaq iV due to the loss of connecting wires. After a break of several weeks, production of the electric car resumed at the end of April. The manufacturer estimates that about 1,000 units per week will initially roll off the production line in Mladá Boleslav. The capacity will then be successively increased over a period of two months.

In Solomonowo in western Ukraine, Skoda’s independent partner Eurocar also produces Superb, Kodiaq, Karoq and Fabia Combi models for the Ukrainian market. Production stopped. A decrease in sales is expected in Ukraine and Russia in view of the current developmentThis came from the headquarters of the Czech group. Last year, Russia was the second most important sales country in the world with 90,400 cars delivered.

Porsche converts to a reduced operation

Due to delivery bottlenecks, Porsche had to boycott construction of the Macan and Panamera models at the Leipzig plant for about two weeks. The sports car maker initially expected a longer outage, but an improvement in the situation with suppliers means an outage “reduced operation” possible. In Stuttgart – Zuffenhausen it was a must Taycan production will be paused for a somewhat shorter period. The reduced operation of both stations continued until the beginning of April.

“The degree of impact on our business activities is determined on a continuous basis by experts in the work team”A Porsche spokesperson said. Meanwhile, the production of the 911 and 718 series models at the main plant was not affected. Like many car manufacturers, Volkswagen’s subsidiary Volkswagen has suspended its business in Russia. Due to the current situation, the delivery of vehicles to Russia has been halted, according to a spokesperson. Thus, Porsche draws conclusions from the general situation, which is characterized by great uncertainty and current turmoil.

Audi requested a break in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm

At Audi, two of the three production lines in Ingolstadt were discontinued for two weeks at the beginning of March. Production at Neckarsulm was also suspended until shortly before the end of the month. “In the coming days and weeks we will be driving our car in sight and constantly reassessing the situation.”explained a spokeswoman for the Neckarsulm factory at the time. In total, more than 10,000 employees are affected. In April, Audi stayed noisy SWR It was also not spared the interruption of production in manufacturers. Among other things, the A6 and A7 models can only be produced in a single shift operation at the Heilbronn site.

MAN ramps up production again

At the main plant of the truck manufacturer MAN in Munich, production initially continued to a very limited extent, but was completely stopped in mid-March – due to the lack of cable belts from Ukraine. The plant in Krakow, Poland, also had to stop the lines. There were restrictions at the Nuremberg engine plant as well as at Salzgitter and Wittlich. A total of about 11,000 in Germany alone Send employees on short-time work.

After a six-week hiatus, production resumed in Munich and Krakow at the end of April. The width of cable belts has improved, and a small part of the workforce can now gradually return from work for a short time, according to MAN President Alexander Flaskamp. However, he only expects to ramp up production completely over the next few months. “According to current estimates, we could lose more than 20 percent of our annual production. The backlog can hardly be compensated.”confirms Vlaskamp.

He explains that MAN now also gets its wires from Poland, Turkey and Brazil. but “In the second quarter, the majority of the workforce will still have to stay in business for a short time.”. The loss of suppliers in Ukraine can be almost completely compensated only in the second half of the year. The head of the MAN team explains that if Russia expands the war in Ukraine, it may stop again.

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