Repair the glove field that will not open!

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Is your car’s glove box no longer open? Fortunately, to solve the problem, there are a few tricks that you can try. Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions on this topic. How do you fix the glove box that does not open? First you should put a tiny amount of engine oil on your key and try to open the glove box. Sometimes the internal mechanism of the lock is stuck or rusted, which prevents the key from turning properly to open the lock. Use regular engine oil and put a drop on the key. Spread this over the entire surface to cover the entire switch. Try moving it into the glove box and opening it. But do not over-press the key, so as not to break off and finally break the lock.

Spray brake cleaner into the hole if the oil doesn’t work!

If lubricating the lock with engine oil does not work, you should get rid of any rust or dirt with a spray brake cleaner that could jam the internal mechanism. Hold the nozzle against the lock hole and spray the cleaner directly into the lock. Now try again to open the glove box with the key.

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If necessary, rent a car locksmith!

If all these actions did not help and the lock did not open, you should let an expert do the work. Contact the car lock manufacturer in your area. Experts will identify the problem and explain the necessary repair. A skilled person such as a professional locksmith is the best choice to avoid damaging the lock.

Fix the broken lock in the glove box!

Use a lock replacement kit that matches the make and model of your vehicle. A broken glove box lock must be replaced with a new one. You can find suitable spare parts at your local auto showroom or on the Internet. Follow the instructions to remove the old cylinder from the lock body, insert the new cylinder, and lock it in place. Every lock is different. With the right tools, you may even be able to do the job yourself. For example, some locks require the mounting plate to be loosened inside the chamber. However, most locks have pins that must be pushed down to get the lock out. Small tools such as an awl or clothes hanger are suitable for this.

Glove box latch repair!

One option might be to install a replacement latch compatible with your vehicle. Purchase a new tape that matches the make and model of your vehicle at your local store or online store. Remove the old latch by unscrewing some of the screws under the latch and attaching the new latch. Tighten all the screws you removed to attach the latch. Now try several times whether it is possible to open and close the glove box to make sure that you did everything correctly

Open the glove box without a key!

In order not to damage the glove box, you must have one locksmith Get help. If you lose your glove box key, getting professional help is the only way to unlock it without damaging or slamming the lock. rent one car key service around you and ask him to take a look at the glove box. Experts can open it for you and replace the lock with a new one in no time. You can then use the key to open the door comfortably and as usual.

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Last resort: open the glove box with a screwdriver!

Unless you want to call a locksmith and don’t care too much about damaging the glove box, you can try using a screwdriver To disperse. Push the screwdriver into the slot between the compartment and the dashboard and slot it down and back if possible. By making it wide enough, you can try to open the glove box. However, you should note that opening the glove box can be quite a challenge and really difficult. There is a high chance that you will damage the lock and may injure yourself as well.

The cost of repairing a glove box!

Prices can vary greatly depending on the brand and model. There are spare glove compartments that cost €500. However, if only a small part such as a latch or handle needs to be replaced, it will be much cheaper than a complete replacement. In addition, auto repair shops can incur costs from 50 to 150 euros per hour of work. A simple repair can take about an hour, while a complete replacement can take several hours of work. Let’s say you need to replace the entire glove box for $500, and the auto repair shop wants to charge you $100 an hour for that, and the job takes 3 hours, it could cost you up to It costs 800 euros.


  • When in doubt, you should Always Contact a professional auto lock manufacturer.


  • Repairing and breaking it yourself may cause irreparable damage to the glove box. You can also damage the dashboard and this repair will be very expensive.

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