Playable remix of Vespucci perform – reductions and bonuses

Putting an old game into a new look: The “Vespucci function” is available again. Until next week, players will get double the reward by participating. You can find out about other bonuses presented in the article.

Vespucci’s job back. In this mode, the runner must race through one checkpoint at a time. A group of objectors tried to stop him. By participating, all players – winners or losers – will get double GTA dollars and reputation points.

Nothing has changed in terms of gameplay, but the car has: instead of the compact Essie Classic, classic cars are used like muscle cars that explode with horsepower. On the other hand, interceptors use armed vehicles and aircraft as usual.

Now on to other bonuses and discounts this week. Club owners, among others, can look forward to receiving a doubling of compensation for all available activities. Plus, supplies will only cost half for the next few days. For ongoing support, all MC skills are free until June 1st.

There are also double rewards for successfully completed CEO and VIP tasks. The same goes for bodyguards and employees. Double rewards are also available in this GTA Online week through the Bunker series, Vice Detention and Mobile Ops.

Exclusive for current generation players

  • HSW trial time: Race from Sandy Shores to La Puerta in a HSW tuned car.
  • HSW Premium Test Vehicle: Experience the Sovereign Sentinel XS, a boosted sedan.

You can find “Hao’s Special Works” at the LS Car Meet. If you play on PS4, you can still win the weekly car prize at the Underground Club. This time on the Bravado Youga Classic podium. The mission of this: finish the race in the top five of the Car Meet street race two days in a row. By the way, the three experimental vehicles are the Volcar Vagaloa (a classic car), Diklas Vamos (the muscle car) and the Dinka Jester RR (a modern sports car).

If you try your luck in the casino, you can win by beating Revolter on the wheel of fortune. The sports sedan can optionally be equipped with weapons.

Other discounts

  • 75% on Imani services
  • 50% off a sedan with a gun
  • 40% off Fulkar Fegalois
  • 30 percent on (cars) warehouses
  • 30 percent of Vapid Caracara
  • 30% off on Declasse Granger 3600LX
  • 30% off on Declasse Vamos

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On top of that, Prime subscribers get GTA $100,000 per week until June 29. If the account is connected to the Rockstar Social Club, there is an additional $100,000 GTA. If you also have a GTA Plus membership (5.99 € per month), you will receive this amount again.

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