Joona Wilcke turns the tables and wins

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The rocky section: Cluvenhagen MotoGP trial racer Joona Wilcke managed to win in Schleswig. © Private

Cluvenhagen – Schleswig was worth the trip to Josch and Jonah Wilcke: The Cluvenhagen MotoGP trial brothers also finished the podium in their class in the second round of the Nordic Cup and can glimpse a successful title defense in this unofficial North German dream of the championship. Seven-year-old Joona was especially happy as he finally celebrated victory in Class 9 of the Bambinis, while 10-year-old Josch should have settled for second place in Class 6.

“Great results for both, they have mastered the very demanding sections superbly,” said mum Katie Nikolai Wilkie, proud of the accomplishments of her offspring, who are racing for the MSC Wörpetal eV at ADAC and MC Ebstorf. Jonah, always behind Ben Botger of Wismar, turned the tables and climbed to the top of the podium. He had to complete the premiere, because 30 sections instead of the usual 24 were pushed into this electronic experience track.

Despite the length of the course, the man from Cluvenhagen refrained from taking a break, and allowed him to continue his concentration, which was working perfectly according to Katie Nikolai-Wilcke. Joona led by ten penalties. “The fact that he was able to avoid making mistakes in the following courses shows his success in learning. Also, unlike last year, he no longer had many problems with steep slopes,” said the mother who was praising her.

Just after hitting: Josch Wilcke finished second in his class.
Just after hitting: Josch Wilcke finished second in his class. © Private

In a fairly balanced top of the Class 6, which also completed 30 divisions, Josch Welk missed the second-place win with seven penalty points and had to relinquish the top spot to Epstorf teammate Matthijs Meyer (3). Crucial in the third cycle was the part that the guy from Cluvenhagen mastered twice perfectly. Josh got so close around a stone that his rear wheel got stuck. This gave him five penalty points. “He wasn’t focused enough at that moment and crushed at first. But he quickly shrugged it off and didn’t make any mistakes afterwards. This supports his ambition,” mum Katie saw the progress made by her son, who is clearly the youngest driver in the first triathlon.

In general, the organizers in Schleswig set up a very creative course with many smooth and large stones as well as logs and broken concrete pipes in perfect weather. Katie Nikolai Wilkie: “Very cool on different surfaces.” This weekend, the third round of the North Cup will take place with a double event in Wismar.

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