Giant value variations in auto restore in Dusseldorf

Large price differences in auto repair in Dusseldorf

Costs vary between workshops for different services. We did the test.

It’s a situation that many drivers dread as much as the devil dreads holy water: once something explodes under the hood and the on-screen warning lights flash, a trip to the workshop is inevitable. Not only is this annoying, but it also puts a strain on your wallet.

And often too much. Because if you head blindly to the workshop you trust, you will often pay more. Even for parameters such as an oil change, wheel change, brake service or clutch change, in some cases more than three times the amount payable, as shown by a test conducted by our editors using the comparison portal “”. We sent a mid-range car to the race.

And this is how we did it. In order to find a workshop, you must first enter the car model, required service and zip code of the place of residence in a mask on the main page of the portal. Then another mask pops up, where you also have to enter the car model, first registration, and engine type. Once you enter your email address, the portal searches for offers from the nearest workshops. This includes not only certified workshops, but also self-employed and workshop chains.

Contractual workshops are usually the most expensive offer

Depending on the service, we chose the most expensive and cheapest offer. Remarkably, in four out of five research inquiries (renew brake fluid, oil, change wheel and clutch), the most expensive offer comes from an authorized workshop. An independent workshop (139 euros) is more expensive than an authorized workshop (59 euros) only for air conditioning service (including filling in the air conditioning worker, checking jobs and visual inspection of all services and connections).

The price range between individual services is also interesting. For example, the cost of an oil change in an authorized workshop is 136.78 euros, while the workshop chain offers the same service for 38.75 euros. Price range: 98.03 euros. By the way, the highest range is when changing the clutch. Here the costs were 820.21 euros (certified workshop) and 537.36 euros (independent workshop). It makes the price range 282.85 euros.

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