Electrical Bikes: These are the e-bikes of tomorrow

The nice thing is that you can count on certain things in life. For example, BMW Motorrad prototype bikes will eventually be on the road. Usually even in a very similar form.
Such was the case with the Concept Link introduced in 2017, which has been available as the BMW CE 04 since the beginning of this year. Such was the case with the Concept R 18 introduced in 2019, which is now available in four versions. That could also be the case with the Vision DC Roadster, which the team led by BMW Motorrad’s Chief Design Officer Edgar Heinrich demonstrated in June 2019 – as a preview of what a BMW electric motorcycle could look like, including that of a Boxer. 125cc e-bikes have more power than expected)

BMW tinkers with the styling parts of the BMW R 1250 R in the E-Roadster.

In 2025, BMW Motorrad wants to electrify the first series. As early as 2023, the 15-horsepower CE 02 fun bike should complete the “Urban Mobility” range. “Every 18 to 24 months we will launch a new model with an electric motor,” Markus Schramm, President of BMW Motorrad, promised at the start of production of the CE 04 series in November 2021.

No electric travel enduros

Roadsters will make the electronic start in the motorcycle category. BMW’s best-selling GS Series will only follow the next step or the next. For the foreseeable future, it doesn’t make sense to convert big travel enduro bikes to electric. No interest from customers – no charging stations in the desert and no man’s land – and therefore not from the manufacturers either.


No experiences? Speed ​​Triple 1200 RS presents a preliminary design of the British company’s new electronic platform.

On the other hand, roadsters are mostly used on shorter routes and in the assembly area of ​​charging stations. Harley-Davidson has introduced the now independent LiveWire sub-brand. Zero Motorcycles from California and Energica from Italy have been making electric motorcycles exclusively for a long time. Now it’s up to the premium manufacturers to follow suit.

Triumph TE-1 with 180 HP

Triumph, for example, will complete the live testing phase of its TE-1 electric prototype in late summer 2022. After that, the test bike receives the final chassis and paint finish in preparation for closed track rides and initial stress testing.

Tarform Luna

A striking battery block: The Tarform Luna pure e-bike will be launched in mid-2022.

At this point, the British also want to announce the final specifications, including battery performance and range. Currently there is talk of a power reserve of 15 kWh and about 180 hp (130 kW). This puts the E-Triumph on par with the Speed ​​Triple 1200 RS performance athlete in terms of power.

Specialist development partners such as Williams Advanced Engineering (including the battery pack and vehicle control unit) and the University of Warwick (the ultimate test simulator). “It was really exciting to see the progress of the project. I am pleased with the results we have already achieved and the exciting preview of the potential electric future that lies ahead,” says Nick Blore, CEO of Triumph.

Excellent 73

The Super73 has made a name for itself as an e-bike manufacturer. The American manufacturer is now showing off its first concept motorcycle. Set out as a jammer or racer at the end of 2023.

Audi’s Ducati is also supported. The Italians will provide the fleet for the MotoE racing series from 2023. As with MotoGP, motorsport expertise should flow directly into further development, in this case, the electrification of the Panigale and Monster series. In 2025, the first E-Ducati designed around a new electric motor may be on the road.

Outside of Europe, Americans are particularly active when it comes to new motorcycle designs. Tarform of Brooklyn, NY, for example B. recently opened his online order books for e-racer Luna. The down payment equivalent to €460 (total: from €22,700) can be paid using ApplePay. New motorcycles, new roads. You can count on that too.

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