BMW Alpina B3 and D3 S: facelift for the G20 sedan and G21

The refurbishment of the BMW 3 Series is now taking root in Alpina. But not only visually: B3 gasoline also gets more power.

As always, the Alpina BMW has backed off: it’s been a good week since Munich introduced the 3 Series facelift. Now Buchloe’s squad shows what they’re doing with the modified base model. A facelift is not only making its way to Oberallgäu visually. The B3 petrol version gains more strength during the facelift process.

But let’s start with the design. Of course, the Alpina 3 Series now also has new front optics with revised headlights including lighting graphics and a larger air intake in the front apron – each adorned with the company’s own spoiler lip. Alpina designed the rear part more independently. Certainly, here also we get to know the design element of the standard 3 Series with the air outlets on the side of the apron. But instead of using a black diffuser that extends upwards, Allgäu puts a more discreet counterpart between the exhaust system’s dual tailpipes and gives the rear bumper the same color as the car.

Surprise in the central tunnel

It’s also no surprise that the Alpina B3 and D3S adopt the new 3-seater cockpit. The new screen can also be found here above the air vents, which are slightly curved towards the driver. Just like the iDrive rotary button that has survived along with some of the other touch controls on the center console. The main difference (along with other logos, colors and interior materials of course) is that the classic automatic selector lever remains on the center console. The small gear selector slider of the Facelift 3 series may have been designed a bit more progressively for Buchloern, who clearly see their products as cars for aspiring drivers.

Speaking of the driver’s car: While nothing has changed in the BMW 3 Series as part of the facelift, the Alpina B3 (see slideshow at the top of this article) runs into the second half of its life with a more powerful engine. Thanks to the new engine electronics, the three-liter inline-six-turbo petrol engine, forcibly ventilated by single-scroll superchargers, generates 495 hp instead of 462 hp. Maximum torque increases by 30 to 730 Nm. This means that a sprint from zero to a hundred in the sedan takes 3.6 seconds, and the top speed is 305 km / h. Roaming is a tenth of a second or three kilometers per hour.

Alpina D3 S: Diesel version in detail

Alpina Burkard Bovensiepen GmbH + Co. KG

However, the diesel in the Alpina D3 S has not changed technically, it is also three liters and is compressed by twin turbocharging, which also remains true to itself with respect to the moderate 48-volt hybrid boost. The compression ignition engine continues to deliver 355 horsepower and is consistent with the gasoline engine when it comes to maximum torque. When it comes to driving performance, the D3 S is far behind. As a sedan, it accelerates from zero to hundreds in 4.6 seconds and reaches a top speed of 273 km / h. Touring completes the record sprint in 4.8 seconds and slides across the left lane of the motorway with a top speed of 270 km/h.

Diesel is cheaper than petrol

On the positive side for diesel is the lower entry price. The Alpina D3 S sedan is available from €77,050, and the Touring is more expensive at €1,400. The cost of the B3 is at least 88,600 euros, with an additional cost of no more than 1,300 euros. The cars can be ordered now and are expected to be delivered from October.

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The face-lift versions of the Alpina B3 and D3 S are largely expected. The most notable feature is undoubtedly the extra sensitive power of the gasoline engine, which brings the 500 hp mark directly in hand.

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