Basic automotive encounter with a visit to Weiden’s Touring Automotive Membership

After two years of restrictions due to the epidemic, noble and old sheet metal friends meet again in Weiden on Father’s Day: for the Eighth Meeting of Old Cars. Due to the narrow and limited space in the pedestrian area in front of the old town hall, the switch to a large car park was a great solution: there was enough space for more than 200 models.

The Automobil-Touringclub (ATC) at AvD (The Automobile Club of Germany) was able to top the always well-attended exhibition of classic cars. Spectators and guests were excited about the organizers’ commitment and preference for the old and young as well as vintage motorcycles. “The German and his car – it’s a very special love story that has lasted for more than 130 years,” said Chairman Manfred Garber.

Arrival from Saxony and Thuringia

Blue sky and sunrise in the morning, then cloud cover but no rain: these were the best conditions for a trip to May with “Oldie”. Dazzling motorsports and a pleasant meeting of classic cars full of surprises attracted guests from Coburg to Cham and even Saxony and Thuringia.

There was still time for a white sausage breakfast before we went on a road trip. On schedule at 10 a.m., 160 vehicles started, including several convertibles and motorcycles with sidecars. The display of older drivable models ensured the vehicle’s age, special features and horsepower.

Preparations for several assistants have been in full swing in the past few weeks. Martin Regulator took care of the process and took responsibility for pre-registration, process and organization.

Reinhard Mayer, president of the City Association for Physical Exercise (SfL), was the first to start on the Memorial Route. His car was the Mercedes Adenauer owned by Konrad Fischer, who took care of the organization for years and passed away last year. Wife Janet Fisher leads a short lap of honor with Martin Regulator at the wheel.

President Manfred Garber sent vehicles on a 70-kilometre circuit to Neustadt, Kloppenroth, Lindschchenbach and Erpendorf. There, a coffee and cake break with Joseph Hyde of Banrocker was announced. The organizer, Martin Rigler, learned the motoring profession with him.

“gas talks”

Then back to Weiden via Wildenreuth and Parkstein, where the cars were parked in the large parking lot. Several “gasoline talks” were held between classic car owners and guests about tin models, rarities were presented, special features and technical features were explained.

In addition to the Chrysler Speedster, BMW models, trucks and military vehicles, vintage Mercedes and American vehicles, “exotic” bikes and motorcycles from DKW, Z├╝ndapp and Kreidler, some even with sidecars, were also on display. Finally, the organizer held a few raffles. Some ‘older’ drivers are now allowed to take part as spectators at the old Grand Prix at the N├╝rburgring.

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