Advantages, Dangers and Prices: Ozone Remedy within the Automobile!

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Is ozone therapy planned? Then we have some information about the benefits, risks and costs involved! An overview of important details about ozone (O3): To eliminate unpleasant odors, it has been used for many years ozone Spread. Material effect: that cleansed And the neutralize aromatherapy; Ozone is often used to eliminate unpleasant odors in the interior of the car. Depending on the provider and vehicle size, ozone treatment costs Approx. 50.00 to 100.00 EUR. However, typical interior cleaning is necessary beforehand, which is also a must. Depending on the provider and the extent of the cleaning, the resulting costs range from another 50 to 100 euros. However, in order to weigh the benefits and risks, the use of ozone must be chosen carefully, because ozone is tear gas he is. And with car smoking special caution wanted.

Dangers of ozone therapy

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With the irritating ozone gas, the following Problems occur fall appear: Headache and irritation of the eyes and mucous membranes. when “Senate Standing Committee on Examination of Harmful Work SubstancesOzone is classified as a known or probable carcinogen worrying Classified, but no final evaluation due to insufficient information. When cleaning smokers’ cars to get rid of odor residue, one must assume that there are increased health risks from ozone therapy. The researchers found that when ozone was released, with a mixture of nicotine and other cigarette smoke residues, atmospheric dust harmful to health occur. Some of these aerosols penetrate deeper into the lungs than fine dust from cigarettes, which actually damages the lungs. This warns that this can lead to long-term health damage Registered association of the German Lung Foundation Against the use of ozone in smokers’ cars. For this reason, ozone therapy must be meticulous Through the benefits and risks to weigh.

The procedure with ozone therapy in the car.

Once you have decided on ozone treatment, you must first carefully clean all surfaces cleaning will. Therefore, the interior should always be cleaned first. Then a special ozone treatment device is placed inside to allow the ozone to flow out. This allows ozone to disperse to neutralize unpleasant odors. This approach takes time about 2 hours. Must car after this treatment is done though at least 24 hours (best 48 hours) unused Accommodation. This prevents ozone concentrations indoors being too high and exceeding the legal limit. To perform ozone therapy yourself, many devices are advertised on the Internet. We recommend not to use it for health reasons from urgently from. The treatment company can weigh the benefits and risks, so it is advisable to consult a professional who knows for sure how to proceed to reduce the health risks. There may be better options than ozone therapy in many cases. Many professional companies also offer alternatives to deodorizing, such as with cleaning fluids in private hot air evaporators.

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