Wayne Rainey responds to Danilo Petrucci’s allegations

(Motorsport-Total.com) — Danilo Petrucci remains angry after what happened last weekend for MotoAmerica at the Virginia International Raceway. After Petrucci crashed at 280 km/h right after crossing the finish line for race two on Sunday and spoke of “one of the worst falls of my career”, he sharply criticized those responsible for MotoAmerica.

Wayne Rainey, paraplegic since 1993, has been the MotoAmerica coach since 2015


The former MotoGP rider didn’t feel like he got medical attention fast enough after a serious fall. According to his own testimony, he had several scrapes and bruises as well as a deep wound to his ankle, which had to be sutured with five stitches. Also, according to his latest posts on social media (Thursday), the Italian suffered a fracture of the right fibula.

MotoAmerica president Wayne Rainey comments in a statement issued by the racing series. “The safety of our drivers is our top priority,” Rene said, and announced that they would “investigate the accident and make changes when necessary.” Rainey has been President of MotoAmerica since the 2015 season. The organizers of the racing series are the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) and the FIM in association.

Petrucci fell in a duel with Schultz

It is now clear. The driver Petrucci “had to avoid,” he wrote, right past the finish line is Matthew Schultz. Westby Yamaha pilots and Petrucci on Warhorse Ducati fought a close duel for second place, which Scholtz won at the end of the photo by 0.02 seconds. A few meters later, at the fastest point on the road, Petrucci fell.

Matthew Schultz, Danilo Petrucci

Shortly after this photo with Matthew Schultz for P2 ended, Danilo Petrucci crashed badly Zoom

“The situation became more difficult due to the fact that the accident happened after the checkered flag, but there were still drivers on the track at high speed. This made it difficult for the assistants to move,” Renee explains.

“Petrucci stood up and ran under his power,” said Rene. “This was a quick sign of everything being clear to us. Hopefully Danilo’s injuries will heal and he will be better. We look forward to seeing him again this weekend on Street of America.” .

Rainey rejects criticism

In his role as chief of MotoAmerica, the three-time 500cc world champion doesn’t want to know anything about the prolonged lack of assistance, as Petrucci criticized: “In the eight years that I’ve been in MotoAmerica, we’ve never ignored anyone who’s injured driver, I have nothing but respect for them.” Danilo and his safety.”

“The safety of all of our drivers is of paramount importance. We will not underestimate the driver’s injury or their view of the accident,” Renee said in a statement issued on Tuesday.

MotoAmerica: Highlights Virginia 2

Petrucci himself reported again Thursday via social media and explains how the fall happened: “On the last lap I tried to overtake Schultz from the slope. Because he legitimately defended his position, he lost [links] outside next to him. This made it tighter for me in the corner.”

“We crossed the finish line at an angle, and I had to push my bike harder into an angle. At 280 km/h the front wheel lost contact with the ground. I fell off the track and hit some shepherds’ boards. One of them left my right shoe open and cut the skin and broke the splinter.”

Petrucci has just over a week to recover from his injuries ahead of the Rhode America weekend at Lake Elkhart. In the 2022 overall standings at MotoAmerica, the only Ducati rider on the field was the leaderboard with a narrow points advantage over Schultz.

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