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Next weekend it’s time again: after a two-year break due to the pandemic, the 9th edition of the PAUL PIETSCH CLASSIC will take place on May 27-28, 2022 with start and finish in Offenburg. with this Rally classic cars built to 2002 Motor Presse Stuttgart remembers its founding publisher, racing driver Paul Pietsch (from 1911 to 2012) from the Black Forest. To make a comeback, the Museum on Wheels is stocked more extensively than ever before: more than 120 classic cars from seven decades of motoring history will begin. The oldest car dates back to 1934: the MG Magnette NA Open Tourer, a gently restored British light convertible sports car.

The classics come from seven decades of automotive history. Oldest car has pride Production year 1934: MG Magnette NA Open Tourera beautifully restored, open and light British sports car.

New this year is the CO2 emissions compensation of the PAUL PIETSCH CLASSIC. Motor Presse Stuttgart works with experienced and recognized International Wildlife Organization Together, as well as other projects Preserving the rainforests found in the Amazon region of Peru Believes. Compensation is provided by the game’s sponsorship of a strictly defined part of the nature reserve.

The first car will start on Friday 27 May at 9 am in the Alte Reithalle (Kulturforum).. With Beginning Number 1, daughter of Paul Beech D. Patricia Schulten and his son Peter Paul Beach Museum on Wheels. The siblings compete for the first time in the two-day classic rally Veritas RS from 1947. Her father celebrated the 1950 German Championship with this open sports car. With silver-colored Veritas, the two lead the field.

Other notable participants are Christian Geistdorfer, two-time World Rally Champion as assistant Walter Ruhrl, Mario Ketterer, racing driver for the King of Mountains at Schwensland, and Joachim Winkelhawk, winner of Le Mans and successful traveling motorist. He drives an Opel Kadett C GT/E (built 1977) from the Opel factory group.

For classic rally participants, it’s not about achieving top speeds. Instead, teams should get to know and enjoy the Black Forest landscape during the trip, which Paul Beach from Neustadt am Titisee liked so much. In line with this, PAUL PIETSCH CLASSIC is part of the support program for Heimattage Baden-Württemberg in Offenburg this year.

© Famous bus “Willie” – Mercedes-Benz O319 from 1963

Regularly at PAUL PIETSCH CLASSIC is the man from The minibus “Willie” known to SWR TV is a Mercedes-Benz O319 from 1963. Germany’s fastest hotelier, Dominic Muller, is driving the Mercedes bus from the Hotel Ritter in Durbach. The old bus has been at every event since 2013.

In the first stage, the road “Willi” and its classic rivals from Offenburg lead with a first special stage on the university grounds in the direction of Strohbach and Simonswald. On the lunch break, cars are expected to arrive in Schramberg from about 12.20pm, whence the museum can be enjoyed rolling in the area around Bärensaal. The Fischerbach and Durbach road makes its way back to today’s destination on the market square in Offenburg.

From there, the road leads on Saturday, May 28, 2022 from 8 a.m. in the Alte Reithalle via Kappelrodeck and Max Grundig Klinik in Bühlerhöhe to a lunch break at the Iffezheim racecourse. Via Michelbach and Obersasbach back to Offenburg, the focal point of the PAUL PIETSCH CLASSIC. The first cars will appear in the market square in the center Expected at around 3pm after a total distance of 500km at the end.

The full list of Classic Rally participants can be downloaded here:

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