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Tesla insists not spending money on paid advertising – and there doesn’t seem to be a need for that either, as at the opening of its Gigafactory in Germany this week, CEO Elon Musk once again said that demand for its electric cars far outpace production. eligibility. Just as firmly, and perhaps for the same reason, the company in the United States does not respond to inquiries from journalists. However, in China, Tesla is making more efforts with the media, and it seems that this is about to happen also in Europe: at the new plant in Grünheide, a search is being made for someone who will do a fairly classic PR work from there.

Management and delivery of Tesla test cars

Tesla does not explicitly describe the position in the title as a job in public relations, public relations, or communications. But Grünheide’s “content and software specialist (m/s/j)” is supposed to do what PR staff at other car manufacturers do: write press releases, answer queries and try to get articles in leading publications to place. The fact that not only classic media is mentioned as a target group for this, but also blogging and influencers, is nothing special these days.

In fact, Tesla appears to be walking away from a practice some auto journalists dislike and which has given some observers reason to question their objectivity: It’s still impossible to get one of its electric cars for testing. If you want to report it, you can sign up as a regular customer for a short test or try to rent a Tesla from a professional or private rental company. On the other hand, other manufacturers have always been generous with press-loan cars and like to present their latest models in exclusive locations, which they invite media representatives to visit.

Apparently, the new content person should also bring a little more of that to Tesla. According to the English description in the ad, part of the job is to “manage and deliver cars for press test/rental cars”. So in the future, at least in Europe, you’ll likely get a Tesla to test through the official channels. Even to get answers to simple questions, journalists may no longer have to hope for a Twitter statement from CEO Elon Musk or search for contacts.

Selective media works to launch Gigafactory

It should be interesting to see if the company is as selective in providing information and loans to European media as it was the last time the German factory officially launched this week (see photo above): a Tesla connoisseur Ove was among the YouTube influencers up front who declined Kroger arrival day delivery. According to the Zapp media magazine, no ZDF journalist was allowed to enter the site in Grünheide. Zapp suspects this is because the broadcaster’s front-end editorial team upset CEO Musk a year ago with a critical report on the German Giga plant.

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