E-cars and firm bikes: Mayors flip too

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Egling’s electric speed: Mayor Hubert Oberhauser (second from left) ran an electric KIA at the beginning of 2016. © Archive

E-mobility plays a role in many municipalities in Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen. Even city council presidents drive down the road in fast electric cars.

Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen – Fashionable electric cars. But what about vehicle fleets in cities and municipalities? Of the four cars available to employees in the city of Gertsried, the single electric vehicle is the most well-known. Mayor Michael Mueller himself drives a hybrid Audi for overseas appointments.

E-cars and company bikes: Mayors are turning, too – ‘leading by example’

“We’re setting a good example,” says spokesman Thomas Loebel. When new cars are rented out in the region’s largest city, “sustainability is always included as a criterion.” In other words: “Where possible, we move on to other models.” According to Loibl, this is mainly possible with normal vehicles, “with private vehicles – for example for firefighters or the yard of a building – it is much more difficult”. The city currently has 14 charging stations, as well as four from the utility company, so the change will be seamless for both community and private drivers. “We want to make the possibilities of a traffic shift available,” Loibl says.

Bad Tools: There is no company car but an e-bike for the mayor

In Bad Tölz, the mayor Ingo Mehner actually lives: the city does not keep the mayor’s company car, but a bicycle with an electric motor. “With this he takes appointments in and around Bad Tolz, but also within the region,” said city council spokeswoman Bert Otterbach. Mehner recently cycled to a meeting in Wolfratshausen, for example. There is also a company bike and five employee cars, one of which has an electric motor. This can be used for messaging trips and smaller transfers – but it doesn’t have to be the case: “We have noticed that many employees often decline to offer to use the city car for short business trips and instead use private bikes.”

Bad Heilbrunn: Four electric bikes and a Thomas Gründl electric car

Bad Heilbrunn municipal employees don’t just let the winds blow in their faces on their own bikes: Four e-bikes are available as the company’s bikes, Mayor Thomas Gründl explains. He himself drives BMW I3s with an electric motor to work. In principle, sustainability plays a role in new cars for the municipal fleet. This is one of the reasons behind the “planning of two more stations” in addition to the two charging stations in Town Hall.

ORASBURG: In the town hall there are three e-charging stations, but there are no e-cars of their own

The municipality of Ursburg operates three charging stations for electronic cars. However, it is not yet possible to deliver vehicles from our fleet there: “We don’t have any electric cars yet,” explains Managing Director Gunter Edenschenko. The community fleet can be managed anyway, Mayor Moritz Sable drives the appointments in his own car. “We just have our own cars for the fire brigade and the building yard, plus a VW bus for the school.” They are all old models, at the time of purchase “e-navigation was not an issue yet”. Fleet conversion wasn’t under discussion yet: “It wouldn’t be sustainable to trade cars that are still doing their job.” If that changes, “we will definitely consider electric vehicles where possible.” Even without using electric cars, some of the city hall employees of Orasburg pay attention to carbon dioxide emissions at work: “Many of us come to work by bike and also use it to go for on-site visits,” says Edenschenk. He does this regularly himself, and not only for environmental reasons: “It’s great – before and after work.”

Eagleing: Car sharing at Town Hall – E-KIA in the fleet

Car sharing is becoming increasingly common in many cities. This form is also submitted in Egling municipality. Here, city council members and the mayor share a car that employees from the department, school, daycare center or building yard can also drive: a KIA brand electric car has been around for about six years, as City Hall Managing Director Daniela Simon reports. “Sustainability is always an issue.” It is for this reason that the company’s bike is also being considered. However, e-car purchases are often not so easy because, on the one hand, legal requirements must be taken into account in the purchase procedure. “Furthermore, not all commercial vehicles and firefighting vehicles are equipped with electric motors.” This is one reason why there are no other electric vehicles in the fleet of the seven local volunteer fire brigades, the building yard and municipal works.

Wolfratshausen: The fleet will be entirely electric – or at least muscle-powered

Wolfratshausen’s town hall fleet of cars will soon be fully electric: one of the five cars is already an electric car, an electric car has already been ordered as a replacement for two, and a third will be replaced at the end of a year. “Sustainability and climate protection are very important criteria for our selection of cars,” confirms General Manager Kirsten Vogler. That’s why there are also some bikes – classics and e-bikes – for employees.

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