CRO auctions off masks in first German NFT public sale

Auction house NIFTEE makes history: Tonight, the first ever German NFT auction takes place

Starts at 7:00 PM: CRO is the first to auction his iconic mask as a 3D model on


Each of the four different masks is unique and the highest bidder receives a unique token coined on the Ethereum Blockchain – NFT. Using this technology, it is possible for the first time in the history of the Internet to establish beyond a reasonable doubt who invented the digital goods. The same applies to the rightful owner.

Like a phoenix from the ashes

UNIQUE ONE OF ONE CRO MASK is the first in a series of iconic items. In addition to the four auctions of CRO masks – the panda shape from his first song “Easy” was also included, of course – NIFTEE was able to win over the king of rap himself: Kool Savas, to start his group October 14, Played With Fire. In the presence of a notary, the rapper personally burned the original script paper for his track “King Of Rap”. In addition to the fact that NFT is the protagonist, there is also the Ashes Paper for the highest bidder in the auction, Cole Savas says in an official statement about the collaboration with NIFTEE.

An eye for pop culture

“All NIFTEE presidents come from the music industry and have been working with great artists for a long time,” says CEO Carmelo Lo Porto. “We are involved in the creative process on a daily basis and have a loving eye for popular culture. That is why we developed NIFTEE, a platform that does art justice. Creators and art must be respected and put on the base they deserve.”

This means the full scope of popular culture. In addition to the greats Savas and CRO, the following groups were created in collaboration with Kaya Yanar and the metal label Napalm Records.

opportunity for Europe

NIFTEE offers artists in Europe the opportunity to help shape the development of NFTs. “The fact that there are artists already here in Germany who have tried to do something on the American platforms shows that things are upside down everywhere and it is only a matter of time before it spreads here as well,” says Le Porto. According to NIFTEE CTO Andreas Braun, the goal is not just to passively monitor innovation: “With NIFTEE, we want to make a very specific contribution to the further development of technology. What we have here is not a static medium, it is a liquid. We want to help shape it, initiate other ideas and actively participate when it becomes NFT and remains relevant in Europe.”

Organizing as a Unique Selling Proposition: NIFTEE acts as a gatekeeper

Part of the NIFTEE concept is the selection of artworks. Not every artist can present their own work there. “We see ourselves very clearly in the tradition of large auction houses,” says Carmelo Lo Porto. “We want to offer a filtered offer to willing NFT collectors. There are currently so many platforms where countless NFTs are being offered, where the cultural significance is simply in doubt.”

The auction for the first CRO mask begins Thursday, October 7, 2021 at 7:00 PM and will last seven days.

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