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Bonn, Germany, June 1 /PRNewswire/

Conflux Technology and GKN Additive collaborate to develop, design and produce 3D printed heat exchanger solutions for European customers.

Conflux and GKN Additive today announced their collaboration in the development, design and production of 3D printed heat exchanger solutions in Europe. 3D-printed heat exchangers have proven to improve the cooling of critical components in the electronics, automotive, aerospace and packaging industries by taking advantage of the design freedom afforded by 3D printing.

Conflux brings its expertise in the design and development of advanced thermal management solutions and GKN Additive brings extensive experience to mass production and additive manufacturing in the automotive, aerospace and industrial industries.

“We are pleased to offer our customers access to manufacturing services from GKN Additive. The company is able to mass produce to order in Europe, making it the perfect solution for our EU customers who want to produce chain close to the point of use,” said Michael Fuller, CEO and Founder Conflux Technology The ability to make our technology available to a large number of world-class and technologically advanced clients has already proven fruitful.

“We are pleased to work with Conflux Technology. Heat exchangers and heat management are key areas where 3D printing can deliver high-quality solutions. By joining forces with application experts like Conflux, we can offer our customers best-in-class solutions,” says John Dolchinos, Head of GKN Additive.

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GKN Add-ons is a global leader in digital manufacturing, providing a range of additive manufacturing solutions across the product lifecycle to the automotive, aerospace, aviation, electronics and consumer goods industries. Behind GKN Additive is GKN Powder Metallurgy, a global leader in powder metallurgy development and digital metal processing with a network of more than 6,600 employees in 29 locations around the world.

ConfluxTechnology is a leading global additive manufacturing (AM) company that pioneers thermal and liquid applications through expert development and production. Conflux’s beginnings were in the world of Formula 1, with founder and CEO Michael Fuller transforming heat exchanger design and performance results. Today, Conflux is a well-established team of senior design professionals at the forefront of AM application development. Its revolutionary heat exchange technology has transformed product and system performance in the aerospace, automotive, motorsports, microelectronics, industrial and energy sectors. With state-of-the-art, vertically integrated manufacturing processes, Conflux covers all aspects of the design process – from design and CFD analysis to in-house AM series production, post-processing and independent verification. Conflux is constantly improving AM technology and delivering ground-breaking results to its clients.

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