Auto consultants are accountable for injury brought on by incorrect repairs

If an auto insurance expert interferes with repairs in the workshop, he is half responsible for subsequent engine damage. The Federal Court of Justice granted him complicity.

Experts can also make mistakes: Employee expert One car insurance there was Repair From a car in a workshop, an additional belt replacement is not necessary. Then there was one total loss on the car. The Federal Court of Justice (BGH) has ruled that the workshop and the expert must now bear half of it.

the case

The owner of the car left her car with one Damage The cylinder head of the engine in one Car workshop pull away. The cause of the damage was that a gas station employee forgot to fasten the cap of the cooling water expansion tank again. He also participated in the investigation of the defect in the workshop Auto expert The Legal Liability Insurance To the gas station owner who was supposed to repair the damage.

The car appraiser explained that MechanicalIn addition to working on the cylinder head, the toothed belt must also be replaced. The craftsman replied that you should too auxiliary tapes Transformationthat drives the accessories. “not necessary”I found a car expert: just raise costs. The mechanic gave in and made the repair, contrary to his good knowledge, to the specifications of the appraiser. That extra tapes not been exchanged, led to total loss. Then the owner of the car demanded compensation from the workshop and the expert.


The workshop and the expert must agree on the cost of the replacement vehicle Half Share, the Federal Court of Justice ruled. The vehicle expert is responsible for repairing the faulty vehicle Shared responsibility. Because it interfered with the investigation of the damage and incorrectly declared that replacement of additional belts was unnecessary.

It really is workshop error It was, that’s why Incorrect repair to lead. But you need to take into account that the insurance appraiser with Auto Expert Authority He appeared and at the same time confirmed his influence as a representative of the insurance company. Noting that the insurance company may incur “unnecessary repair costs”. don’t organize He will, he will have a mechanic of it handleFor a correct and complete repair.

If he had acted cautiously, he would have realized that his technique Wrong experience Not having to replace the additional drive belts could have far-reaching consequences for the engine. Without consulting the owner, the car appraiser makes sure that the repair is incomplete, i.e. loafer was executed.

Federal Court of Justice, Judgment of 7 July 2020, Az. VI ZR 308/19

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