Yamaha Tricity 125 and Tricity 155 2022 موديل

Yamaha Tricity 125 and Tricity 155 (2022)
New tricycle, but not for Germany

Austria and Switzerland can look forward to their two new Yamaha tricycles. Tricity 125 and Tricity 155 are not planned for Germany.

Everything is new on Yamaha’s Tricity 125 and its older brother, the Tricity 155, for the 2022 classic: engine, chassis, suspension and electronics have been extensively reviewed by Yamaha. Visually, Yamaha made a slight revision of the well-known body. The Tricity 125 and 155 will be available in Austria and Italy from fall. In Switzerland and France only 125. In Germany, only the Tricity 300 is still available, and drivers who do not have a motorcycle license are also allowed to drive.

new engine

As a drive, the Blue Core engine is already well known from Yamaha’s 125cc two-wheeled scooters. The single cylinder has an output of nine kilowatts, has a start-up function thanks to the starter generator and is said to operate more efficiently with variable valve control. With a larger bore of 58 mm (+6 mm) and with the same stroke of 58.7 mm, the 125 becomes the 155 cc Tricity 155. Torque increases by 2.8 Nm to 14 Nm, and its power increases by 11.1 kW.

new structure

Both engines are suspended in a new steel frame, which is particularly noticeable due to its 60mm-extended wheelbase which Yamaha designed to be significantly stiffer. The LWM articulated steering system has also been revised and adapted to the new geometry. In line with this, Yamaha has redesigned the rear wheel suspension: New dampers with more spring travel, higher spring rates and more damping should help the Tricity on bad roads and commuters. Hit: The Tricity 125 only has integrated brakes, while the Tricity 155 is legally required to have ABS.

new electronics

The new LCD cockpit should offer connectivity and more comfort. A smartphone can be connected via the app and push messages can then be viewed in the cockpit. At the same time, the app acts as a kind of social media hub in which Tricity drivers can communicate with each other and share their rides with each other. New keyless transmission system.

Availability and pricing

According to the current situation, both models will not come to Germany. Yamaha will offer the Tricity 125 in Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France, to name our fairly immediate neighbours. The Yamaha Tricity 155 will only be offered in Austria and Italy. Prices are not yet known. New tricycles should be available from fall 2022.

opinion poll

The scooter should be small and easy to maneuver.

The scooter should be large, powerful and comfortable.

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Yamaha revamped the Tricity mini models with 125 and 155 cc. The engine gets the well-known blue base update with a kick-start function, which is suspended in an all-new frame with a modified chassis. There’s also a new cockpit, keyless launch and connectivity. Both models won’t come to Germany, and we can bypass it because the Tricity 300 is offered in this country. It can even be driven with a driver’s licence – so why dispense with displacement?

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