Volkswagen plans to create a brand new electrical empire – dis by declaring warfare on Tesla

As Volkswagen serves the changing car market with electric cars, the Wolfsburg group of cars is planning a new mobility platform. Now the green light has been given.

Volkswagen It will expand its corporate network with a well-known car rental company. As the Wolfsburg Group explains, after approval by the European Union Commission, Europcar could be acquired together with Attestor Limited and Pon Holdings. Volkswagen announced on Wednesday that this means the final condition of the takeover offer has been met. France’s AMF had already given the green light for the acquisition, which Green Mobility Holding will implement in November.

Volkswagen before taking over Europe Car – the car giant is planning a mobility empire

The deal provides for the purchase of more than 90 percent of Europcar’s shares. According to its own data, the holding company had already received promises to accept a similar offer from the company’s shareholders when it was announced, which was launched in 1949 in Paris was established. This will affect 68 percent of traded securities. If Green Mobility succeeds in the acquisition and meets the target of more than 90 percent of the stock, the offer price will increase from 50 to 51 cents a share. The admission period ends on June 10, 2022.

What does Volkswagen intend to do with the car rental company? As Europe’s largest automaker has made clear, it wants to transform Europcar from a purely car rental company into a service network of its own offering. A service platform must be created for everything related to cars, so that Volkswagen can rise to become the leading provider of mobility. The focus will be on car rental, ride-sharing and car-sharing services.

Volkswagen: CEO Diess wants to overtake Tesla with electric cars in 2025

Despite this investment, Volkswagen does not neglect the classic car business. CEO Herbert Diess told a US television station about Tesla’s superiority in electric mobility. “We still have the goal of keeping pace with these developments and possibly exceeding them in sales by 2025,” the CEO said on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos. CNBC.

Volkswagen recently introduced its first electric SUV coupe:

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With ID5, Volkswagen introduces its first e-SUV coupe. Although the car is based on the previously introduced ID4, much more than just the body shape has changed.

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Volkswagen: electric cars sold out in 2022

However, the 63-year-old also used this platform to smear his American opponent’s mouth with honey. Tesla has achieved high returns and good results with a “reliable model”. However, in a few years, they want to overtake billionaire Elon Musk’s company in terms of electric vehicle sales.

Global demand is currently giving Volkswagen wings: All electric cars produced in 2022 have already been sold out beforehand, which means new customers will have to put up with longer delivery times. (wah)

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