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A leaky sunroof, which allows drips or water to flow into the vehicle, is annoying and also damages the interior. Often car owners first suspect that the rubber seal on the sunroof is defective, but experience has shown that something else is not true. You should carefully check the small holes on the edges of the sunroof sealing blocked.

clog removal

Look for drains in the sunroof and clean up the dirt in the pan. To remove existing blockages, you can simply press on a conventional blockage pipe cleaners through this process. Then pour water into the drains to see if it drains.

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Clean the sunroof drains with compressed air

The sunroof in the rubber seal should be cleaned with a rag so that it can catch water that seeps through the sunroof. The sunroof drain consists of small openings that go directly under seal from the roof hatch. Cleaning drains with compressed air removes dirt and blockages, and water that seeps through the sunroof and exits the vehicle is captured. But don’t overdo it air pressure! Less is more.

Clean drains with metal wire

with one help Thin, flexible metal wireLike a bike brake cable, you can clean the drains from the sunroof. It is recommended that each drain hole visible on the underside of the sunroof should be cleaned. Cleaning is done by breaking the wire In the clockwise and against It rotates clockwise. You push the wire deeper and deeper into the drain with little resistance. This will push out the small dirt particles. Of course you have to be careful about the process with metal wire Don’t get damaged. If you feel a lot of resistance after winding the wire, stop applying pressure to avoid damaging anything. In such a situation, it is better to contact a specialist. It can professionally clean drains. To check for leaks in the sunroof after cleaning, close the sunroof and pour water over it. If there is still leakage, you need to replace the gasket Repair.

seal repair

Some sunroof seals may dry out due to heat and high or low temperatures. The result is a rupture of the seal. Finding cracks or frayed edges on the gasket is a warning sign. Then it is advised that the area about seal To look at it closely. Water or mold buildup can be seen there. Seals are often tired and also deformed. Then the water accumulates in the sealing vessel. A negative result is the presence of holes in the seal. Then you should act immediately and apply liquid black electrical tape to the gasket. Cover any visible signs of wear with a thick layer of liquid electrical tape. When the insulating tape is completely dry, a waterproof and protective layer is formed. Next, close the sunroof and pour water over it to check that the interior remains dry. Is it one Factory error And sunroof leaks are not related to operations or sealing, you have no choice but to consult a professional service provider. Finally, a professional will install a new sunroof to keep the interior of your vehicle dry.

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