It occurs when electrical automobiles grow to be part of the each day lifetime of the workshop

Auto business days 2022
It happens when electric cars become a part of the daily life of the workshop

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While e-car service is only picking up pace in many garages, Autohaus Hermann already has ten years of experience here. Managing Director Michael Zimbal allows auto business days to participate.

At Hermann Autohaus in Northheim, electric cars always occupy an average of two out of the seven phases.

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The state of sales and profits in the workshop business is under increasing pressure as a result of electric mobility. But how quickly this reaches individual car dealerships depends on how quickly the market is penetrated. This in turn depends on customers, individual auto manufacturers products, charging infrastructure, and purchase incentives/support programmes.

In addition, car dealerships should not forget about the opportunities offered by electric mobility, which provides them with new areas and business models. Mr. Dr. Benedict Meyer, Deputy Director of the Institute of the Automotive Industry (IfA) at the Nortingen-Geslingen University of Applied Sciences, at the automotive working days of June 21-22 in Würzburg.

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The extent to which electric vehicles affect the service business of car dealerships is something no one can judge better than Renault’s partners. After all, the French brand has been offering a full-size electric model with Zoe for nearly ten years. Michael Zimbal, Managing Partner of Autohaus Hermann in Northeim, reports on his experiences – and gives tips on how to make money with e-cars in the workshop.

The third lecture on electric mobility in the working days of cars addresses the question of how to use expensive workshop equipment for electric cars, as well as for other new car technologies, more effectively. The Glinicke Group is based on the concept of “Service Factory” – an ultra-modern workshop with all the skills that also serves as a service provider for other car dealerships in the group. Managing Director Ingo Flasspöhler reports in Würzburg on the concept of this type of business.

The latest developments in sales, service and digitization

The first edition of Auto Action Days will take place on June 21 and 22 – including a major industry gala. The specialist conference provides automotive trade professionals with networked knowledge of services from all areas of activity in the automotive industry from a single source. The new event is supported by Bank Deutsches Kfzgewerbe partners, CG Car-Garantie Versicherungs-AG, Loco-Soft, and TÜV Nord Mobility.

Future strategies for car sales and service in the world of digital mobility

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on it Auto working days In Würzburg you can find out June 21 and 22 2022 All about the latest developments in sales, service and digitization in the automobile trade. Practical examples from car dealerships and workshops, but also from the field of manufacturers’ organizations, show you how the industry is adapting to tomorrow’s trends and how new concepts are being implemented. Big Industry Fair completes the show.

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Celebrity speakers from car workshops, manufacturers and other industry players will show in two stages how auto workshops can change classics in order to stay fit for changes in the automotive industry. The big industrial fair concludes with services related to car dealership business and workshops on the days of the event.

The first day of the conference will deal in particular with new areas of work for agencies, with digital concepts of car sales and mobility offers from dealers, but also with IT security issues. The second day of the conference focuses on the aftermarket business and its digitization. The full program can be found online here.

Another highlight of the event is the presentation of the new Automotive Business Awards, which honor dealers’ strategies and beacon projects in the areas of sales, service and digitization. This will take place on the evening of June 21 and will culminate in a large industrial ceremony for all conference participants.

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