Florian Silberisen: Broke his leg after motorbike accident – ‘He was too cocky’

Florian Silberisen is a passionate motorcyclist. The DSDS juror also had an accident, which had serious consequences.

MUNICH – To his fans, Florian Silberezen (40) is more of an angel from heaven than an angel from hell. While a DSDS juror has always felt like he’s in seventh heaven when it comes to his passion for motorcycles, the ride has already turned into hell. Talk about it in a new interview.

family name Florian Celebesan
Boy August 4, 1981 (age 40), Tiffenbach
size 1.83 m
Musical group Clubbb3 (since 2015)

Florian Silberisen: Motorcycle accident – DSDS juror broke his leg

Florian Silbereisen is looking forward to the next time in DSDS. The juror was able to entice his good friend Thomas Anders (59 years old) to live shows. In addition, fans can experience the famous star on Sunday (April 17) on the ZDF channel on “Das Traumschiff”. He always has a full program.

In addition, there was bad news for Florian Silberisen’s father. However, the 40-year-old has found the perfect solution for times when his schedule is busy and moments when he needs to clear his mind: he goes motorcycles – most recently with the Harley Davidson Sportster.

Florian Silbereisen riding a motorcycle: A DSDS juror was injured when he jumped through fire tires

In an interview with picture Florian Silbereisen revealed his passion for two wheels from a young age. Riding a motorbike only helps him relax. “When I come home and have some free time after work, I really enjoy sailing for a few hours. The feeling of freedom starts right away, I instantly get to another world and I forget all the stress.”

But his hobby is also not completely harmful, as the singer himself knows well. And so Florian Silberisen admitted that he actually had an accident – as part of the show. “At the time, I wanted to jump through a hoop of fire on a motorbike. I was very soulful during training, and this was really happening,” said the 40-year-old (read more news about celebrities and TV on RUHR24).

Florian Silberisen on the motorcycle – DSDS juror “more disciplined on the road”

Today’s DSDS juror broke his leg at the time. It all happened in 2008 during rehearsals for the “Winter Festival of Folk Music”. Despite the injury, he was still on the show at the end. Incidentally, that same year, he also showed his love for official Helen Fisher, which he still talks about on DSDS today.

DSDS juror Florian Silberisen loves to ride a motorcycle and has already had an accident.

© RTL / Stefan Gregorowius, Atilano Garcia / IMAGO / ZUMA Wire; Collage: RUHR24

But fans can breathe easy: Florian Silberezen does not allow himself to be carried away by such daring moments in private. “On the road, I am more disciplined and do not take any risks,” he explained. picture The opposite as well. And so it’s good to hear that he has a passion for motorcycles, which gives him a great balance in the stressful everyday life.

List of rules: © RTL / Stefan Gregorowius, Atilano Garcia / IMAGO / ZUMA Wire; Collage: RUHR24

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