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Kirche im Eichsfeld: A priest who loves to ride a motorcycle

Updated: 05/25/2022, 07:00

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Hubertus Iffland, patron of Weißenborn-Lüderode, Brehme, Ecklingerode and Jützenbach, celebrated his 25th anniversary as a priest.

Photo: Daniela Otto

Reverend Hubertus Iffland celebrates his 25th anniversary as a pastor with his church in Eichsfeld.

“For him, his job is an invitation. He knows how to motivate people and can approach them. He is spontaneous, and when he has an idea, he deals with it.” Here’s what the mayor of Weißenborn-Lüderode, Peter Polle (CDU), says about Reverend Hubertus Iffland. He is now celebrating his twenty-fifth birthday as a priest. But there is little that the local chief knows about the priest, that is, he is a lover of the arts and connoisseur. The priest likes to swap his robe for his motorcycle gear and go up on his adventure in the BMW GS 1250. Peter Paul travels with him from time to time and also appreciates the clergyman for being dynamic.

He was born in Dingelstadt and ordained a deacon in 1996 and a priest on 17 May 1997. After that, Eichsfelder was initially a chaplain in Nordhausen, then in Eisenach, before being in Schlotheim since 2003. The next stop led Hubertus Iffland to Gräfentonna as a chaplain in a prison facility reformatory. Since 2010 he has been a priest in Bad Langensalza, and since 2016 he has been a pastor in Weißeborn-Lüderode and is also in charge of Brehme, Ecklingerode and Jützenbach. He is also responsible for Holungen and Bischofferode.

Local officials came to congratulate him on his silver jubilee and thank him for his work. In Weißenborn-Lüderode, an exceptionally traditional procession of Barnabas takes place on Sundays. The village that led the procession from Lüderöder Church to Michaelskirche was festively decorated with green May decorations and flags, and secured by fire brigades from Weißenborn-Lüderode and Brehme.

Later we went to the community hall, where kindergartens, clubs, mayors and local mayors gave congratulations on the anniversary. For example, there were coupons and flowers from Peter Polle and the mayor of Jützenbach, Benno Bause (CDU). Kindergarten children and altar boys surprised the priest with singing. Many officials also took the opportunity to be there. The parishioners participated in organizing the festival. Jützenbachers contributed the cake, while Ecklingerröder and Brehmer served up salads and a host-town butcher’s roast. It was a relaxing afternoon with time for good conversations. “I think the pastor was happy,” says Peter Paul.

A few days earlier, after mass in Utzenbach, Christoph Schmidt sang “Guten Glück und viel Segen” to the pastor, and the devotees sang along with her. And even then there were congratulations from the parish council. “One of the things I appreciated about Reverend Evland was his talent for organization. Easter and Christmas masses were celebrated in all four locations. Everywhere he was giving to the clergy. Older people especially should have been pleased with this,” says Christoph Schmidt. It is also believed that it is good to preserve the tradition of prayer processions. On Wednesday evening, for example, the residents of Weißenborn, Jützenbach, Ecklingeröder, Brehmer, Bischofferöder and Holunger gathered in Sonnenstein.

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