CF Moto 700CL-X Sport for 7,699 euros

The sporty version of the 700CL-X CF retro bike is called the Moto 700CL-X Sport and is due to hit dealerships this summer. Price: 7,699 euros.

Like the 700CL-X, the CF Moto 700CL-X Sport comes with a 693 cc in-line in-line engine that develops 70 horsepower at 8750 rpm and 61 Nm of maximum torque at 6500 rpm. Also in the Sport version, it is suspended in a tubular steel bridge frame. Eight valves and two camshafts operate in the cylinder head.

Shifting is via a six-speed gearbox and an anti-lock brake clutch. As with the base model, top speed will be around 180 km/h – not bad for a mid-range model. The manufacturer limits the consumption to 4.8 liters, and then the range will be up to 270 kilometers with the 13-liter tank.

Handlebars, single seat, rear rump

The CF Moto 700CL-X Sport differs from the base bike, among other things, in its handlebar, single seat and short rear rack. Lower handlebar end mirrors also ensure rearview and a narrow cockpit hood covers the LC Round Display, which sits completely free in front of the handlebars on the base bike.

CF Moto

The CF Moto 700CL-X Sport differs from the base bike, among other things, in its handlebar, single seat and short rear rack.

CF Moto 700CL-X Sport chassis

The rear wheel swing arm with the upper cables on the frame is supported by a horizontal, direct-linked, fully adjustable center spring strut. Fully adjustable US dollar forklift guides and cushions are at the front. The spring elements come from KYB Bosch ABS on both wheels – the front stopper uses a 320 disc Front disc 18″ lip with 110/80 tire and at rear 17″ wheel with 180/180 55 tire. Pirelli tires installed as original hardware.”, as we have already described in detail the 700 CL-X. The big difference between the Sport, however, is the radially-mounted Brembo calipers and the dual discs up front. The CF Moto 700CL-X Sport rolls on 17-inch black wheels and lights up all around with LED technology. It also comes with self-disabling turn signals and a USB port for charging mobile devices. We think like the 700 CL-X, it comes with two selectable driving modes and cruise control.

The CF Moto Clip-on is available in two colors ‘Nebula White / Velocity Gray’ – likely from Summer 2022. Price 7,699 euros.

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