Boat restore and tuning: that is the way it’s achieved!

3 . outboard boat tuning motor

Repairing or tuning your boat is no problem with a little knowledge and the right tools. Their boat owners may be reluctant to leave their possessions in the hands of others. If necessary, repair and do everything alone or with friends. Smaller and bigger fixes, if something goes wrong, are just as much part of the ammo settings According to your special requirements. If the right tools and the right materials are available, and if the owner has the necessary knowledge, this is such a thing External tuningbut also small boat repair No problem. Moreover, with a little practice, working on your own boat is just as fun and enjoyable as the actual water sports.

Boat tuning: outboard and motor

If you dare to own your own boat, you should realize this in advance Exactly what he does. One Engine modification (Increased performance) is always associated with certain risks, as things can go wrong quickly on the water. Before you begin the project, learn more about your specific tasks. For example, other aspects should be considered with Mercury outboard tuning compared to Yamaha outboard. Information can be obtained from: Connect with other hobbyists who have already gained experience in the topic of tuning boat engines. By reading carefully on one of the many Internet forums (also YouTube & Co.). There you can (must) ask for tips and advice. Information obtained with the right tools and high-quality spare parts makes the external tuning successful. We are so sure!

2 . boat tuning outboard motor

External tuning for more horsepower

By adjusting the outer deck, the boat gets a little extra horsepower. For this purpose, the engine is usually opened and individual components such as the crankshaft, camshaft, exhaust, air filter or carburetor are replaced with more powerful components. As a result, the engine achieves more power without the need to swap the engine for a more powerful engine. also Chip tuning, similar to what is known from passenger cars, can be implemented on the latest engines. But if you want to do this work yourself, you need high-quality tools. If you can count on the tool and also on your own skills, the work is fun.

outboard motor tuning boat

External – Fan Adjust

An outboard motor drives a propeller in most motor boats. This spins in the water and the boat moves forward. In order for the fan to work as efficiently as possible with the drive, the fan must exactly match the motor. The fan speed range must match the maximum speed of the motor. If you stick to this principle, you can try different fans. This is the only way to know if the model really fits your engine. Exchange with like-minded people is worth its weight in gold in this area. One hobbyist or the other is sure to have the right one for the boat model you’re using yourself too, with the same engine Adjust the fan Found. So, no fear,”Ask about“!

Boat repair: the most popular boat repairs

Buying, restoring and, if necessary, repairing a used motor or sailboat can be a very extensive task. But it is precisely these boat repairs that inspire many amateurs and represent another hobby in addition to water sports. Below is a list of typical work on a boat. These often arise when buying a used motor or sailboat. If you’ve already been on the road with your own boat for a few years, these boat repairs are also popular.

Fiberglass stains (GRP)

Today, the hull of most boats is made of fiberglass (abbreviated GRP). Over time, hull damage can occur and the boat is no longer 100% weatherproof. GRP can be fixed with very little effort. Damage will be slight Sanded and then re-stacked. However, in the event of significant damage in the form of real leaks, it depends on how deeply it penetrates the GRP. If the stability of the boat is already threatened by a deep hole, then the corresponding situation should be so is reinforced, before it is launched. The corresponding area is laminated with the help of a fiberglass mat and then reinforced with polyester resin. Fiberglass mat represents the corresponding reinforcement material.

Touch the gelcoat!

Fiberglass boats are usually covered with an outer coating called gel coat. In the event of damage to the base GRP, the coating layer must also be improved. Sometimes the gelcoat is just scratched or chipped. The gelcoat represents the protective barrier to GRP, which is why these supposed minor defects must be taken seriously and repaired. It is important that the protective barrier in the gelcoat form always remains intact. The easiest way to work on the hull of the boat is to use a lift platform. This allows the boat to be brought to the appropriate working height. The areas to be repaired can then be safely and easily accessed.

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