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Wismar.Edwin Wegener sitting in his office with glass wall. Wednesday morning, not much happens. “There are a lot of things the client had to come for and now we take care of them by email and on the computer,” he says. Earlier, it was eight years ago when Wismar’s first pawn shop opened. It is still the only one in northwest Mecklenburg. And “in the past”, that was the time when his customers came to the pawn shop with all kinds of electronic games. Great TV, DVD player, good camera equipment. “I won’t take any of that anymore, it’s not worth anything anymore,” he shakes his head and frowns. In the past, it was sometimes a matter of small quantities for these electronic devices. Sometimes 20 euros, sometimes 50 euros to spend.

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“Times have changed,” he says. “Most of the people who come to my pawn shop are self-employed,” says Edwin Wegener. Sometimes they get very hesitant loans or they don’t get loans from banks. And you may need short-term funds to pay off tax debts or short-term auto repairs. Wegener knows: “But they also have something up their sleeve!” High-quality cars, construction machinery, investment gold, coins, and expensive watches – they all end up in his pawn shop so he can pay off in no time.

Wegner calculates: “If you want me 1,000 euros, you’ll have to put 1,500 euros as a deposit on the table!” According to the law, the mortgage contract is then valid for three months, and 45 euros per month in interest and fees is scheduled. “In the fourth month I will write to you about how things are going.” If the mortgage agreement is extended, the fee will continue to be paid. If not, €1,000 must be repaid. “Or I have the right to sell the deposit,” explains Wegner. Several family jewels have been in Wegner’s safe for years, and the pledge agreement has been repeatedly extended because the debtor cannot repay the loan.

Pensioners also come to the pawn shop, for example, if there are large additional payments to energy suppliers. They come to the pawn shop with gold, precious watches and some legacies. “You don’t particularly want to sell the inheritance, so I know the deposit will usually be redeemed.”

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

When it comes to inheritance jewelry, there’s sometimes a rude vigil. “Gold jewelry only weighs, no matter how technically it is made,” Wegner explains what every pawn shopkeeper should do. “In our eyes, gold is just scrap metal.” The probability of finding a lover who pays the value of the jewelry as such is negligible. Those who arrive with silver cutlery, silver jewelry, or silver bullion will be even more disappointed. “The prices are too small, not worth it!” Gold is money. “I lend a car at a maximum of half the market price, which is how high depreciation is. So customers usually take their cars back and sell them themselves in an emergency.” In his hall, a second commercial pillar as a winter store for boats and mobile homes, there are only a few cars as a deposit.

Edwin Wegner has more than 600 clients. “That’s a lot for me as a lone fighter.” But relatively little compared to other areas that have mortgage offices every second. “People here didn’t know what a pawn shop was eight years ago,” he says of the first few years. “It wasn’t a picnic, but it works now.”

Two more years at the most, Edwin Wegener will retire and deservedly retire. If a successor is found, the only pawn shop in the area will continue to exist. If not, then no.

Nicole Holtz

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