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At the weekend, motorcycle checks took place in Lohberg near Arber. The police had to punish many violations. For three drivers, the trip ended after the check. Tips for a safe trip!

In order to raise awareness of a driving style adapted to an individual’s ability, appropriate protective equipment and a motorcycle compliant with the regulations after the long winter holiday, on Sunday, May 22, 2022, from 12 noon to 5 pm. glass.

“It’s up to you if you understand the curve”

At the foot of the highest peak in the Bavarian Forest, officials checked motorbikes for building and operating regulations, as well as the drivers’ ability to drive. Motorcycle experts from the Upper Palatinate Police sought to contact motorcyclists to speak with them from motorcyclist to motorcyclist. Flyers with the theme “It’s up to you whether you get the curve”, which contains information about safe motorbikes, were also distributed during the campaign.

control result

92 motorcycles were checked. Officials had to find 24 violations. Six times the reason for the complaint was defective tires on motorcycles. Drivers have been warned three times due to technical defects and drivers are expected to be reported nine times. Vehicle documents were lost in six other cases, and the operating permit expired three times due to technical defects and vehicle changes. The trip to the front was prevented due to the increased risk to road safety, so that motorcyclists were no longer allowed to continue driving the motorbike in these situations.

work background

In the Road Safety 2030 Program “BayernMobil. safely to your destination. Motorcyclists are especially focused when it comes to reducing the number of serious accidents.
In 2021, 12 of the 51 road users killed in the Upper Palatinate were motorcyclists. In addition, compared to 2020, there was a 5% increase in the total number of accidents for motorcyclists. In the Upper Palatinate region, in 75% of accidents in which motorcyclists were killed, they were at least partially responsible for the cause of the accident. Overconfidence, improper speed, risky driving and overtaking maneuvers are often the causes of accidents among motorcyclists.

Tips for a safe trip

  • Technical Inspection – Inspect the motorcycle for any technical defects after winter, especially replacing worn and old tires
  • Arrive safely with protective equipment – Modern and eye-catching protective clothing and approved safety helmet can protect against serious injuries
  • for returnees – It is advisable to complete a driving safety training course in which practical and theoretical knowledge is updated, and not to ride high-performance motorcycles initially
  • Driving safety training – Regular training helps improve your driving skills and ability to operate your motorcycle safely in every situation

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