Mercedes begins with the T-class as a household kind of Citan

The Mercedes Citan is now also available as a family car – under the name T-Class. (Photo: Mercedes-Benz)

New message, new luck. For the all-new high-top station wagon, Mercedes chose the letter T as its initials. The T-Class is basically a comfortable family version of the Citan delivery truck. Prices start from 29,300 euros. But you get a T 160, turbo petrol engine 75 kW / 102 hp. A slightly more powerful gasoline engine is called the T 180 and has a power of 96 kW / 131 hp. A diesel is also available at market launch with 70 kW / 95 hp and 85 kW / 116 hp. The six-speed manual transmission is tuned to the base gasoline engine, and the other three engines can also be ordered with an optional seven-speed automatic transmission. The additional cost for this is about 2,600 euros. The sister car Renault Kangoo here has donated Daimler engines, which are also used in the third relative, the Nissan Town Star. The new T-Class can be ordered now, with deliveries expected to begin in July 2022.

At the moment, only a short 4.50m long chassis, a 2.72m wheelbase and five seats are available. A longer 40cm version will follow later in the year, with five or seven seats. Up to four child seats can already be installed in the five-seater version, three of which are next to each other in the second row of seats; The two outdoor child seats can be secured with an Isofix berth. For safety reasons, the front passenger airbag is automatically deactivated if a child seat is installed on the front right side; A mat built into the seat cushion recognizes the child’s seat based on the weight distribution. Two large sliding doors, when opened, 61.4 cm wide and 106 cm high, are standard on all versions, but power windows cost more.

Swabian accuracy in processing

Mercedes describes its latest innovation as a luxury pickup truck, even if the main development work comes from French cooperation partner Renault. Even spoiled Mercedes customers Experience the usual and expected comfort here too, the engineers from Stuttgart have been on site since the beginning of the development, and above all decided the optimal structure. The front and rear looks are also for Mercedes, you can see the Swabian’s precision in handling.

Ten paint colors can be chosen, six of which are metallic. The very elegant ruby ​​red metallic color is a real plus and is also offered exclusively for the T-Class in this segment. Another rooftop feature is the variable roof rails, which can be converted into a roof rack with a payload capacity of up to 80kg at the push of a button and then in a few simple steps.

Not everything is in the spacious interior of Renault either, we know many controls from the most diverse Mercedes series, including the multifunction steering wheel with touch control buttons. The “Basic” and “Model” equipment lines offer many comfort benefits. The top of the line “Progressive” gear is truly premium, with a leather look, dual decorative overlays, chrome appliqués and high-gloss decorative strips. The MBUX infotainment system and electric parking brake are also included. Even the surface of the dashboard is pleasant to the touch, almost caressing the fingertips, there is no comparison to its commercial brother, the Seitan.

During the test drives, we were able to try out larger gasoline and diesel engines. The automatic transmission shifts silky smooth and on winding country roads there is such a thing as a pleasure to drive despite the comfortable chassis. However, the consumption values ​​specified in the factory 6.7 liters for gasoline engines and about 5.5 liters for diesel engines. Thanks to the variable luggage compartment volume with foldable rear bench seat, which can be expanded from 520 to 2,127 liters, there is space for a full range of large-sized recreational activities as well as being family-friendly.

Conclusion: With the T-Class, Mercedes has made an inexpensive entry into the star world. And if you’re now ordering a purely electric T-Class, just wait a few months and then the EQT will come along.

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