F1 22: A glimpse of the improvements

With “F1 Life” and Supercars, “F1 22” gets two new features. In a recent interview, Codemasters developers talked about the innovations and goals that are being pursued with them.

With the release of “F1 22” this year, the official Formula 1 racing game series for consoles and PC will be released in a few weeks. like in the first show The title has been confirmed, players can look forward to two brand new features this year.

On the one hand, we are dealing with “F1 Life”. As revealed to Lee Mather, Senior Creative Director in an interview with fellow Gamingbolt colleagues, when working on “F1 Life,” the developers at Codemasters were primarily interested in offering players an opportunity to express themselves and on the racetrack to experience a different perspective. “The new F1 Life website gives players a space to connect themselves. You can customize the look of the part. Every time they start a game, they step into their F1 Life website.”

“Within this area, they can see their friends playing F1 and this extends to the multiplayer lobby site where other racers can be seen within the site,” said Senior Creative Director. “F1 Life is all about giving players the ability to customize and personalize their game, showcase their achievements and style.”

According to the developers, Supercars is just a logical move

The new Supercars, which developers Codemasters have described as the next logical step, can also be shown in F1 Life. Supercar Mather added, “We’ve always enjoyed the concept of how classic F1 cars can be incorporated as engaging events. The inclusion of supercars has inspired a number of things. F1 Life represents some of the magic of F1 and F1 drivers who love to own and collect fast cars.”

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“It’s a great break between intense Formula One races. It’s also a nice bonus item that players can unlock as they progress through the game. And of course, along with all the changes being made to replicate handling of the new 2022 F1 cars, our handling and physics team really wanted to show what they can do.

You can find the full interview with other interesting details about ‘F1 2022’. here. F1 2022 will be released on July 1, 2022 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

More news about F1 22.

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