Bearing Balancer Worn? Now it is very important be aware this!

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Is the car balanced balance worn out? We know how to define it, how to change it and what it costs. But what is the stabilizing factor anyway? It is an important part of the chassis and is responsible for the cornering of the car does not turn. The stabilizer acts as a torsion spring, also known as a torsion spring, and supports the body against lateral movements, i.e. tilting and rolling. This gives you more stability while driving. To some extent, anti-roll bar mounts are the “connectors” between the anti-roll bar and the body. It allows the installer to rotate can and she Shock and vibration absorption, so as not to be transferred to the body. Especially if you own a slightly older vehicle, there is a risk that the ballast bearings will wear out over time story It no longer serves its purpose.

Learn about worn mounting bearings?

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Do you hear strange noises while driving, sort of clatter? This may be the first sign of this. This is especially audible when driving over cobblestones or through potholes. Is it dangerous to continue driving with a defective anti-skew bar bearing? If you notice such noise, you should visit the workshop as soon as possible. There you can determine if it is in fact the ballast bearing, or whether it is likely a defective coupling rod, or something completely different. Anyway, that must be the problem right on time can be resolved. Otherwise, driving safety may be seriously affected. Driving comfort is no longer granted or only partially granted. Problems with the main inspection? It can be denied. As a rule, this defect is called slight deficiency class. So I did Nobody Adverse effects during the main inspection.

Change and fix!

It is important to know that the ballast bearings are damaged not It can be repaired. So you have to go through it new parts or by used parts that are still intact (in old vehicles) change it. Of course, it all depends on the model of the car. The car must first be on lifting platform. There the wheels are then attached to the affected axle disassemble it. Then do the same with that bottom protection. Now they will bearing blocks and maybe connecting rods Solved. After this procedure comes the actual they change. Once this happens, the disassembled parts must be reassembled in reverse order.

Which of course you should pay attention to, how General situation from the installer. Due to the constant turning movements, scoring often occurs. It can be seen clearly and is enhanced by contamination. In order to ensure driving safety, it is necessary to check whether the anti-roll bar still has the minimum dimensions in all places, or whether it also needs to be replaced. There is also a vehicle in which individual bearings cannot be changed at all. This includes the Volkswagen Touran 1T2. In this case, you must replace the entire anti-roll bar including the bearing.

What are the costs of change!

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Material costs for a new anti-roll bar mounting as a set between 20 and 80 euros. Meyle, Febi Bilstein, Lemfoerder and FAG are well-known manufacturers of spare parts. The shift must always be carried out on the axle by axle, that is, on both sides of the axle. When changing bearings, it is also recommended to replace the connecting rods, because they are also subject to high loads. Here the costs per axis are approximately From 30 to 100 euros. Depending on the vehicle design and each axle, changing takes about an hour to an hour and a half. Assuming an hourly wage of €100, this results in costs between 100 and 150 euros. There are also types of vehicles in which bearings are not easily accessible, so changing them requires more effort. Accordingly, one arrives at a total cost of about From 70 to 350 euros. Wheel alignment is only necessary after installation/replacement in some cases.

The meaning of bearing the installer and the installer

As mentioned earlier, the anti-roll bar is part of the chassis. It supports the body against lateral movements, that is, tilt and roll. Not only bumps on the road, but also curves in particular can quickly cause the car to shake. The centrifugal forces that occur are responsible for this. If there is no stabilizer or other rollover fastener, the vehicle may tip over at any time. The stabilizer greatly increases driving safety and thus driving comfort as well. In order to be able to perform its task in all respects, it is designed with a torsion spring or a torsion spring. It supports two axle suspension wheels against each other. Bearings are the parts connected to the body. You are responsible for ensuring that the mounting hardware can be rotated and secured securely. Shock and vibration are also dampened. Because these should not pass into the body. Every vehicle has at least two anti-roll bars on the front axle anti-roll bar. Depending on the build of the vehicle axle, a stabilizer with two bearings can also be installed on the rear axle.

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