At Parsdorf, BMW desires to hone its information of battery cells

Trial production at the new Cellular Manufacturing Competency Center (CMCC) for BMW is scheduled to begin this fall. (Photo: BMW)

With the approval process successfully completed, nothing stands in the way of the BMW Center for Battery Cell Production. At the end of the year, the automaker plans to start production of the pilot line of lithium-ion battery cells in Parsdorf, Bavaria. On an area of ​​about 15,000 square meters The value-added operations of the cell battery must be fully analyzed. In this way, the manufacturer wants to enable future suppliers according to their own specifications and thus improve the production of battery cells in terms of quality, performance and costs.

According to BMW, it is investing about 170 million euros in the first expansion phase of the competency center. The Cell Manufacturing Competence Center (CMCC) is supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy. Promote based on it IPCEI Financing Process (Important Projects of Common European Concern) For projects that contribute to the growth, employment and competitiveness of European industry and economy.

BMW aims to produce a new generation of battery technology

The technical complexity of the subject requires gradual commissioning, the company explains. Starting in the fall, the first stage will be the installation and commissioning of electrode production systems, in which raw materials such as graphite or nickel oxide are measured and mixed. This is followed by foil coating and final pressing. Cell assembly and formation plants were planned in the second phase. They process the electrodes in the battery cells and check the quality of the finished products.

The manufacturer wants battery cell samples produced in Barsdorf for a new generation of battery technology In the category of its new vehicles Bring to use. Above all, energy density as well as material and production costs will be improved by the new lithium-ion cells. Battery cell production is operated using renewable electricity. Among others, there are photovoltaic systems On the roof of the building and the parking garage is equipped with a charging infrastructure.

Where does BMW manufacture e-drive components?

The cell manufacturer usually purchases battery cells from the cell manufacturers and implements the additional steps in the same value chain, such as preparation, module, and production of high voltage batteries. The production of e-drive components is spread across many locations in the manufacturer’s production network: high-voltage batteries, battery modules and components are manufactured in German factories. DingolfingAnd Regensburg and Leipzig produced. More e-drive ranges are available in Spartanburg factory in the USA In the joint venture BMW Brilliance Automotive in China Settlement.

With CMCC, we complement our expertise along the value chain from battery cell development to the manufacture of modules and drive components to the installation of fully assembled high voltage batteries in our automobile plants.Markus Walboehmer, Head of Engine Production and Electronic Driving at BMW explains. “Similar to BCCC in the field of cell research, a battery cell production body with near-chain production will be established in Parsdorf. In this way, experts from the BMW Group can have discussions with cell manufacturers on an equal footing and improve processes and technologies.”

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