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Vintage cars such as the 1924 Opel from Detlev Krell are welcome in presentations. Photo archive: nietner © Hans Nietner

The first show was a huge success for the organizers – there are only a few criticisms.

Hochheim – First Choice Classic organizers can book their premiere as a success. The main event, whose title sounds like a fine wine tasting, was actually aimed at fans of historical bodies made of shiny vines. Had it been a wine tasting, it would have been completely impossible for Sunday visitors to appreciate all the highlights. Because about 600 classics were served in the pond area during the day – a number that would have spoiled the stomachs of even the greatest wine-lover. Fortunately, this particular kind of selection can be enjoyed with passing eyes. The approval of the 600 participants exceeded the expectations of the Hess Motorsports Club organized from Wiesbaden. Chief Dirk Doh was delighted with the rush of vintage car enthusiasts, which began half an hour earlier than the planned start of 9 am. “We didn’t expect such an influx at all,” admitted Vice President Johannes Huebner, who moderated the entry for the classics.

Among other things, he was impressed by the participation of an old mobile scooter from Isetta, which is not certified for the highway. The owner traveled from Friedberg to Hochheim through villages and country roads. Towards the end of the Classic Car Meet, a jury awarded prizes to several great vehicles—including the 1938 Opel Admiral Cabriolet and the 1923 Ford T Pickup—the oldest vehicle in the meeting. Many visitors praised the down-to-earth nature of the meeting, according to Dirk Dohsey. “They loved having the cars in front,” the president said. However, the club president admits that there is still room for improvement with the “first act”. Despite the enormous popularity, some participants criticized that prior information was poor. Dohse still sees room for improvement when the awards are over. When the jury conducted the assessment, some of the participants had already gone home. That’s why they want to hold the awards ceremony early next time. “It’s part of our learning curve,” explains the president. After all, there is already talk of the next time. Hesse Motor Sports Club officials can imagine a new version next year.

Hochheim also sees the return of classic objects as a positive. “It was a great picture,” says Army spokesman Dirk Krams. The allocation of the pond area goes back to the Festivals and Markets Department of the Housing Association in Hochheim, but the event was also well received there. The Motor Sports Club board of directors partly attribute this success to the fact that other classic cars did not meet in the region. If the event occurs again, care will be taken to avoid overlapping the dates – eg with the classical days at Hattersheim – promised to Huebner. sass

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