The most affordable household vehicles 2022 in comparison with value and efficiency

What used family cars do you recommend for me?

The Volkswagen Touran offers plenty of space, a variable interior and economy engines – ideal for families both as a new and as a used car.

Large space, variable interior, economical drives: Volkswagen Touran He is a first class family friend. It is also recommended as a user. However, anyone considering buying a used Touran as a family car should look around for a Touran II on the market. The predecessor of Volkswagen’s little brother Sharan took a beating from TÜV. The Touran II was launched in 2015 and fared much better in the TÜV report. There are only small anomalies in the axle springs when it comes to the chassis. The family wagon from Wolfsburg mastered the steering and lighting issues without any problems. Those interested in used cars should also pay attention to brake components and oil loss.

The Touran is available as a 5- or 7-seater, and offers a standard seating configuration Between 834 and 1980 liters of luggage space, the seven-seater capacity is from 137 to 1857 liters. Exceptional: Thank you Isofix perforations on all 2nd and 3rd row seats From the second generation Touran, up to five child seats can be safely connected to the Touran. While the new Touran is available with only two engines (a 1.5-liter gasoline engine and a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine with a maximum output of 150 hp), it is also available in two other versions: As a 180 HP gasoline engine or smaller a 115 HP gasoline engine. Customers now have to pay over €33,755 to purchase a Touran. Used models under €20,000 are available from about 60,000 miles away.

 The Skoda Fabia Combi offers plenty of load space and reliable VW technology at attractive prices. The Skoda Fabia Combi offers plenty of load space and reliable VW technology at attractive prices.

It is also gladly taken as a used vehicle Skoda Fabia Real Estate. The Czech company Skoda, a Volkswagen subsidiary, offers proven Volkswagen technology at truly attractive prices. For less than 20,000 euros, you can get a Skoda station wagon from a distance of almost 10,000 miles. In the ADAC breakdown statistics, the Czech scores spacious with reliability He is in the middle of the field. Another advantage: Economical motors. The current generation of the new Skoda Fabia Combi starts with a 1.0 MPI engine with a power of 44 kW. The three small cylinders ensure low consumption. According to Skoda, less than five liters should be enough for a mileage of 100 kilometers. who – which The trunk size of the station wagon version is large. Even the hood, the loading compartment holds 450 liters. If you remove the trunk lid and load it to the roof, then 655 liters will be available. Having folded the backrest of the rear seat, it is possible to load 735 liters – measured to the lower edge of the window. If you use the entire volume up to the ceiling, there is 1,245 liters of room.

If price is absolutely the decisive selling point, it is worth taking a look at Dacia Lodge as a used car. The new Lodgy is available at a list price of €18,390, while the used car is available for less than €10,000 with a mileage of around 70,000. The biggest advantage: despite the competitive price, the Roman can carry up to 7 people and swallow a huge amount of luggage: with Maximum trunk volume 2,617 liters It is almost suitable as a moving truck. Reasonably modern infotainment system from parent company Renault andVery economical engines He also talks about theLodgy. Three modern Renault engines are used, always with a 6-speed manual gearbox: two petrol engines (102 and 131 hp) and a diesel engine (116 hp). However: two-thirds of Lodgy’s models do not pass the third TÜV test without defects. Suspension points, light and oil loss are often criticized. So, if you can shell out a few euros more, then you should choose a more reliable model.

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