“The bike was mainly junk” – Marvin Fritz aggravated by Loris Paz

(Motorsport-Total.com) — Marvin Fritz couldn’t score any points when he was a stunt pilot at the Superbike World Championship in Estoril. The German captured the Yamaha R1 from Motoxracing driver Roberto Tamburini in the third WSBK event of the season. In the first race, Fritz barely missed the top fifteen. One-tenth of a second is missing for points. On Saturday, a fall in the sprint race prevented him from finishing points.

Marvin Fritz crashed after several corners in sprint race


“Unfortunately I didn’t score any points, but I took some positive things with me. We were able to improve a lot. The Superpole ran well, considering it was my first time with Pirelli tires on this bike. This version of the Yamaha R1 I’ve never ridden before, Fritz explains in an interview with Motorsport-Total.com.

“The first race wasn’t bad,” he commented on the 16th place in the first race. “For Sunday, we were able to improve a lot. I could already feel that on the first lap of the Superpole. I started from P16 and was already 10th in the first corner.”

What happened on the first lap of the Super Bowl?

“I touched Rinaldi very lightly. Nothing happened. I got a straighter back better than Rinaldi. He loosened the accelerator early because of the wet spots. I managed to beat him in Turn 6. And Buzz slipped too. I got off a bit, but when Already back on the curb, Lee unleashed full power forward,” says Fritz, annoyed by the driving style of BMW driver Loris Paz.

Marvin Fritz

Marvin Fritz was contending for the top nine in mixed conditions Zoom

“The motorcycle was just scrap metal. Luckily nothing happened to me. The team completely rebuilt the motorcycle in a couple of hours. They did a really good job,” he praised his crew. However, after rebuilding, the motorcycle no longer works as usual.

Technical issues in Playback 2 after rebuild

“Unfortunately, there were some problems with the electronics. The automatic transmission only worked occasionally. I had no power in first gear. I always had to shift to second gear early. The problem is that here you need first gear five times. It was It’s tough because the bike got more unstable and lost momentum on the straights,” he says, describing the problems that left him without a chance in the second race.

Marvin Fritz

In the second race, there were some technical problems with the newly built R1 Zoom

With his 17th place finish, Fritz missed the top 15 by about seven seconds. The Yamaha rider was still satisfied with his performance and the team praised him as well. “The team is very happy with my performance and the improvement over the weekend,” says the former IDM champion.

“We’ve done well. I hope to get another opportunity soon,” he says, and looks forward to more assignments. “Now I know how the bike works and how the tires behave. I had to change my riding style a bit.”

What makes the WSBK-R1 different from the long-distance R1

“The bike looks completely different,” says Fritz. In the World Endurance Championship, the German also drives a Yamaha R1, but the motorcycle is heavier and less powerful. In addition, they are on Bridgestone tires, which differ significantly from the Pirelli tires on the Superbike World Championship.

Marvin Fritz

During his stints at WSBK last year, Marvin Fritz drove a long-distance Yamaha Zoom

“With the Bridgestone tires, we use the swing arm from factory Yamaha from Japan. The Sutter swing arm that was developed for the Pirelli tires is used,” he says, noting a significant difference between Yamahas.

“The body of the Bridgestones is much more solid,” he says. “You drive at much higher speeds in the corners. I drove very high speeds all the way to the end. With Pirelli tires you have to stiffen the motorcycle more because the chassis is very soft. The motorcycle vibrates with it more.”

In pictures: 2022 World Superbike Championship: Estoril (Portugal)

“The bike is 20kg lighter and has 15 more hp. And the electronics are very similar. Here I ride with Nissin brakes, at EWC we use Brembo. Over a long distance, the thumb brakes are not allowed, here I can ride with them. I had to do it to get used to it. There. Lots of differences,” says Fritz.

Does Marvin Fritz also ride in the Superbike World Championships in Misano?

Regular mottoxracing driver Roberto Tamborini has already undergone surgery. In the coming days, it must be decided whether the Italian can drive again in his home race in Misano. Until then, Tamburini had roughly three weeks to recover.

And Fritz confirms that he “underwent surgery on Saturday.” “I will know next week if I will drive in Misano or not. Of course I hope he recovers quickly, but for me it will be a great opportunity to drive again.”

“I know the bike and the tires now so it will definitely be easier. I also know the track in Misano. I was really fast there in 2017 with a Superstock machine. Since then I’ve had a few days at the track there,” reports the German, who is next in the championship The world of spa capacity.

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