Shopping for a PlayStation 4 – Is (Nonetheless) Doable in 2022?

Where and how to buy PlayStation 4? (Photo: Sony Interactive)

Anyone who finds it difficult to chase a PS5 hasn’t tried the next level of difficulty: buying a PlayStation 4.

During the heyday of PlayStation 4, Sony Interactive sold more than one and a half million consoles in German-speaking countries – annually. After the PlayStation 5’s launch in November 2020, demand for the discontinued model plummeted almost vertically: in the months leading up to the PS5’s first birthday – that is, between April and October 2021 – there were just 85,000 units in Germany, Austria and Switzerland that exceeded the numbers.

So a generation change is in full swing: the old console is out, and the new console is out.

But the PlayStation 4 is far from old-fashioned. On the contrary: PS4 continues to roll off the assembly line in Asia. In January of this year, Bloomberg claimed to have learned that Sony Interactive is not only keeping the PlayStation 4 on the market for longer than planned, but is also increasing production by one million units annually. The reason: the lack of high-tech chips for the PlayStation 5, which led to a “Limited Availability of Goods” would lead.

That, in turn, is a moderate understatement: to this day, the PS5 can at best be ordered online at intervals of several weeks or reserved at stationary stores. Amazon example: The market leader had the console in its range only twice in the whole of 2022 for what appeared to be 15 minutes – in mid-January and the end of March.

However, the situation is as follows: It’s almost impossible to get a PlayStation 4 on the German market – neither on Amazon*, nor on MediaMarkt*, nor on GameStop, nor at the Sony Factory PlayStation Direct. There’s a 500GB PlayStation 4 listed there for €299.99 – but it’s been around for months “not available”. What’s more: If you want a PlayStation 4 in its original packaging, you’ll pay on Amazon or Ebay the same amount you’d pay for a PlayStation 5, which can easily process existing PS4 games.

The manufacturer – that is, Sony Interactive Entertainment Deutschland GmbH – is also unable to provide any usable information upon request regarding where and how the PlayStation 4 will be organized at the list price in the spring of 2022.

There can be many reasons to buy a supposedly old console like the PlayStation 4 – for example:

  • Not everyone can and wants to invest €500, €600, €700 or more dealing with a PS5 including associated peripherals (extra console, camera, charging station, etc.) and software.
  • As a second room or youth room console, the PS4 continues to perform well.
  • As long as the PS5 isn’t powered by a 4K big screen TV, PS4 games still look great, especially since innovative games like elden ringAnd Horizon: Forbidden West or Gran Turismo 7 Available for PlayStation 4 – not to mention perennial favorites like It is an electronic gameAnd Grand Theft Auto 5, The Last of Us Part 2, Spider-Man or FIFA 22.

Unlike rival Microsoft, Sony Interactive has refrained from putting an inexpensive console in the sub-league for 300 euros – that is, in a segment served by the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series S. The cheapest entry into the PlayStation ecosystem is a digital version of the PS5 for 399 euros, but that was available Since the beginning of the year at the latest still Harder to get than BluRay’s €499.

And that leaves the PS4 used market – and here the choice is inevitably gigantic due to said generation change: on platforms like Ebay * or Rebuy * alone, there are hundreds of auctions and offers to buy now in favorable conditions.

By the way, Sony itself denied the rumored PS4 setup, albeit with Handbrake: There were no plans to retire early with the console. However, nothing of the supposed increase in capacity has occurred in the market yet. There may be new indications in mid-May – when Sony Group business numbers were presented.

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