Rust removing from chrome components? That is the way it’s finished!

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We encounter chrome-plated components in many everyday objects, be it on carBicycle or motorbike. Metal parts are chrome-plated to create a nice glossy surface, but also to pre-treat Eat to protect. but when rust spots On the chrome, it’s on the metal underneath. If the chrome plating is damaged, the base material will be exposed, but these areas will be exposed and begin to clog oxidizeOnce in contact with moisture. First, moisture under the chrome layer gets into the damaged areas and then small bubbles form under the chrome with the resulting rust. These traces of rust are caught early and with regular care, they can be removed with amazing ease and with absolute muscular strength.

Pre remove rust / clean chrome parts

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Before focusing on rust spots, chrome surfaces should be cleaned of dirt, sediment and sand to clean it. This is best done with warm, soapy water, but it’s also possible with a little diesel, brake fluid, or car cleaning agent. However, you must be careful with painted surfaces. Particularly dirty or rusty surfaces can also be cleaned with vinegar or other mild acids.

Aluminum foil rust removal

Cheap and easy way to remove rust is available aluminum foil. When rubbing rust stains, aluminum reacts chemically with the rust, making the job easier. In addition, aluminum is a soft material that covers the chrome layer and the base material don’t scratch. You can also pre-peel the aluminum foil Diving in the waterbut can work a little better with salt water, because the salts and electrolytes it contains slow down the chemical process acceleration. Aluminum foil can also be shredded into small pieces for easy access to difficult areas. However, when rubbing rust should be stains Don’t press too hard. It is better to rub slowly, not only back and forth, but also circular motions Act. Every now and then, dip the aluminum foil into the water again and again until it turns does not dry. And Occasionally remove the rust dustWhen it gets too fat.

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Then you can better see the remaining rust. In the case of uneven surfaces, it is also recommended to remove the aluminum foil in advance to wrinkleWith the resulting small corners and edges, deeper areas can be better reached. When rust spots are successfully removed, Parts are rinsed well and dried With a cloth or hair dryer. water spots It quickly forms on chrome-plated surfaces, resulting in more rust. For this, dry completely. Finally, it should be another layer Car polish or car wax It is painted so that the surface is again sufficiently protected from moisture.

Use acid to prevent rust

Here, too, you should check the vehicle/component Previously Clean well with car cleaner. If the rust is not severe and has not yet formed heavy scales, it is often easy to remove Mild household acids Removal. These include about Vinegar, lemon juice, lemon juice And vinegar essence With 25% acidity. but also cola (Ideally Diet Cola) Perfectly Fits phosphoric acid it contains. Rust can be easily removed with mild acids without attacking the chromium or base material. attention: Acids only take effect after a certain period of time, so it is advisable to soak objects or surfaces for a while before you start cleaning.

perfect time 15 minutes. In this case, a coarse sponge or a root brush is best suited for removing rust. An abrasive pad, such as that used as a rubbing aid, should be used instead Do not useBecause it may scratch the chrome. Finally, again, you have to rinse everything well, dry it and something wax Apply to prevent new rust.

advice: If household acids don’t work, try phosphoric acid. But watch out for fumes and good ventilation!

Cheap alternative oil-containing rust removers

Here, too, you should check the vehicle/component Previously Clean well with car cleaner. There are several ways to treat rust chrome polishes. but also cheaper Oil Agents Good for rust removal. There will be nearly as light penetrating oil as WD40 And Karambabut also diesel or brake fluid It can do wonders. However, a high-quality product often makes the work process easier and faster. But she is too the most expensive Possibility!

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Repair and maintenance of rusty chrome parts

  • Use chrome plating Or a penetrating oil like Caramba or WD40
  • Clean the chrome with soap and water. Remove dirt and debris. If necessary, clean the surface with vinegar.
  • Apply oil or chrome polish to rust spots. Apply the cleaning agent to the affected areas and cover everything with it to avoid scratching.
  • Oil or chrome polish. A fine copper wool or copper wool brush is fine for the job as it hardly leaves scratches. If necessary, the finest steel wool (eg No. 0000) can be used with plenty of chrome polish and little pressure.
  • Rub the wool over the rust spots. Work in circular motions. Make sure the surface is wet. Work without pressure. Always use an adequate amount of oil or chrome polish.
  • Clean area with clean water. Old metal and rust paint should be rinsed off with water.
  • More rust areas? If the surface is not completely rust-free, apply more chrome plating and repeat the steps.
  • Let the chrome dry. It is easy to see water spots on chrome surfaces. So the chrome should dry completely. Then apply a coat of polish or wax to prevent new rust.

Silver color replaces chrome parts

  • Dry and polished surface. If it is small dots, dry the surface with a towel after cleaning. Perhaps this is enough to improve the appearance.
  • Protect the metal with polish or wax. Use polish or wax and apply it to the chrome to prevent further damage. Use a suitable product such as Car wax for chrome parts. Apply the wax, rub it in, and allow it to dry. Then apply a second coat and polish it.
  • If necessary, use one Silver or chrome plating of the can. While this certainly does not look like the original when emergency solution But it may work. But pay attention to the preparatory work and treatment of spray paint, and before that you have to completely remove the chrome from the damaged area.
  • New chrome paint. The most expensive option for particularly bad rust areas. One Auto repair shop It helps you more. Chrome plating can also be done at home, especially if the component is small.

Get the object re-chromed!

In parts where the rust is extensive and the chrome has already been completely peeled off, major maintenance measures should be observed and the parts or objects completely re-coated with chrome. However, it is then necessary to visit a suitable workshop, since chrome plating is a galvanic process that requires a high level of specialized knowledge. Warnings: It is better not to sandblast or grind because the base metal may be damaged.

The following note is necessary: For safety reasons, tuningblog recommends all repair, inspection and maintenance work exclusive In a specialized workshop! Although our information is summarized to the best of our knowledge and belief, we cannot take any responsibility for the content. So all information is “without warranty”.

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