Now the VW ID.4 can also be rolled off the meeting line in Emden

Emden is the second German manufacturer to begin production of ID.4 after a two-year conversion phase. (Photo: Volkswagen)

after two years conversion stage that started in 2020In the past few days, Volkswagen has been able to start production of a series of electronic ID.4 model at Emden’s site as planned. The heart of MEB production is the newly built Hall No. 20, assembly and finishing take place here on an area of ​​about 50,000 square meters. And store the battery in their place. In addition to the six new halls and logistics buildings, investments have also been made in several transport bridges and robotics. The improved logistics concept reduces space requirements at this point by 30 percent and shortens many paths. Production manager Thomas Scholz emphasizes that ergonomic workplaces are also a focal point of the conversion concept. The manufacturer has spent 1 billion euros transforming the Emden site.

Volkswagen is taking major strides towards an electrification strategy

According to plant manager Uwe Schwartz, 4,000 ID.4 seconds per week will be manufactured in Emden by the end of the year. “DrRapid expansion of production capabilities of the successful ID.4 model An important component of our acceleration strategy. Thus, we are accelerating the shift towards CO2-free mobility and creating additional capabilities to meet the growing demand for electric vehiclesIn addition, the automaker wants to introduce the ID.6, also known internally as Aero-B, in 2023 as an electric replacement for Emden’s Passat and from 2024, it will be There is complete dependence on E – Convert vehicles.

The Volkswagen plant in Zwickau became the blueprint for Emden

Before the renovation is complete Zwickau was the only German Volkswagen factory where ID.4 was manufactured. Production of a series of electronic cars there already began in August 2020. In order to capitalize on this lead and prepare well for the challenges of electronic manufacturing, 400 Emden employees, including Scholz himself, visited the Saxon site more than six months in advance. In the many days of training, the necessary qualifications in the field of MEB-based production can be learned little by little.

The rest of the crew at the plant is also expected to increase Learn about electric mobility. To this end, the OEM is now increasingly using a manipulative approach: in addition to the classic courses, virtual courses on assembly and escape room are intended to help inform employees and at the same time motivate them to work with the new concept. At the end of the production run, Assembly Team Representative Stephanie Lorenz declared in Hall 20: “We are ready for ID.4 and we are ready for electric mobility, because from today we are electrifying the North.”

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