Light-weight forge physique for environment friendly electrical mobility

Lightweight forge body for efficient electric mobility

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Strong climatic and geopolitical changes are giving a huge boost to electric mobility. The foundry industry can make an important contribution to the mobility revolution through innovations and artificial intelligence.

With the highly complex automation, the containers of four different electronic mobility drive units go through several steps in the post-processing process.

(Photo: GF Casting Solutions)

Electric and hybrid vehicles are an important part of the journey toward carbon neutrality. But how can the foundry industry contribute to these advances in electric mobility?

Energy efficient thanks to the lightweight body

For the most energy-efficient electric mobility, lightweight components are especially useful. The less mass that must be transferred, the less energy is required. Various prerequisites are necessary to develop suitable items, for example light structure: sustainable and flexible production, vast specialized knowledge, agile management and innovative spirit in material development and casting technology. Characteristics that have distinguished tooling and stable casting process specialist GF Casting Solutions since its founding in 1802. It is often necessary to question traditional procedures and develop new, future-oriented concepts especially in a relatively new and disruptive industry such as electronic mobility. In terms of sustainable production, this means:

  • energy saving foundry,
  • Lightweight solutions enhanced with light metals.

Efficient lightweight components and efficient development and manufacturing processes are only possible because GF Casting Solutions is involved in related projects in the early design and manufacturing stages. In this way, the company can provide construction molded products that are optimally tailored to the needs of the vehicle manufacturer, such as lightweight components for electric motors and structural components. Products are lighter using a combination of simulation and electronic principles.

The resulting increased flexibility in design helps save materials and integrate functionality. The latter can be, for example, a connection point for a cooling circuit on the aluminum alloy battery housing of a hybrid car, which can then be delivered directly to the customer ready for installation.

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Artificial intelligence supports manufacturing processes

Even artificial intelligence (AI) has already found its way into GF Casting Solutions’ manufacturing processes to facilitate the transition to electronic mobility with high-quality, environmentally friendly products. The company’s R&D team uses the Azure Machine Learning cloud service to analyze the data generated during the high stress process. These data models can be used to improve ingredients and manufacturing processes, thus reducing energy consumption and the amount of waste, among other things.

In addition to shorter time to market and customer transparency, the use of artificial intelligence above all leads to more dynamic product development and higher product quality. With this and with many years of experience, our R&D team can develop and suggest the most efficient and cost-effective materials and alloys. “Thanks to the massive advances in computer hardware and software in recent years, the capabilities in simulation have grown and allowed for more accurate and detailed product design,” explains Frank Genesti, chief technology officer of GF Casting Solutions.

GF Casting solutions focus on progress

Advances in the production of complex castings and light metal alloys, the improvement of lightweight construction processes and the use of simulation will continue to make a significant and formative contribution to the further development of electronic mobility in the future. Sustainable mobility works only with a constant drive for innovation. GF Casting Solutions proves it every day: with new generations of casting parts and added components.

Would you like to learn more about our innovative and sustainable solutions for future mobility? Visit us at Euroguss in Nuremberg from 8-10 June 2022 at booth 7A-120.

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