If the automotive wants ironing: the dent restore package!

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It often comes unexpectedly. This also applies when driving a car. It is enough careless parking and deformation of the body with a small diastole. Sometimes you don’t even have to drive to be in trouble. Losing the fender when opening the door, hitting the fender with a cart in the supermarket parking lot: There are many pitfalls and the appearance of your vehicle can quickly become damaged – including a loss in value. Fortunately, the QUIXX Dent Repair Toolkit can help in many cases. The do-it-yourself repair is done in no time and is only €19.95. With the QUIXX dent repair kit, everyone who does their job can become a dentist without any prior knowledge, because modern coatings are stretchy when heated.

QUIXX dent repair kit

5 QUIXX 2 dent repair brace

The kit has been specially developed by surface repair professionals for a fast and efficient do-it-yourself application. Suitable for handling most scratches without sharp edges on flat body areas. The size of the damage should be between 2.5 cm and 8 cm, the limiting factors are the diameters of the attached pull handles. As usual at QUIXX, the all-inclusive kit contains all the utensils required for the repair and is delivered in a foldable box made of FSC certified wood.


The following principle applies to do-it-yourself repairs: the smoother and more rounded the outer edges of the dent, the easier the repair. Warmth is important because cold paint is brittle and can break easily. So wait for a nice day with temperatures between 18-30°C and get to work. Detailed instructions from QUIXX explain each working step in detail, even for laymen. Do you prefer seeing to reading? The whole process is explained step by step in a QUIXX video tutorial.

In short, it works as follows: Thoroughly clean the surface, preheat the attached hot glue gun, select the appropriate pullout plate and fill its holes with glue, immediately placing it in the center of the dent. Once the adhesive is installed, place the attached repair bracket over the center of the screw thread of the tension plate that was glued in, point the knob on the screw thread and slowly rotate clockwise until the desired sheet metal reshape is achieved or the tension plate separates from the substrate. In the case of stubborn scratches, the process may have to be repeated. It is in the nature of things that there may be more than just a bend to fix after a severe hailstorm. There is no problem with QUIXX. This dent repair kit is very economical and sufficient for many applications. And when free time is scarce or the weather changes, you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself. The material can also be processed in several stages.

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