Freising: Historic gems in all shapes and colours: Freising followers of basic automobiles flip their hop-up tour right into a spectacle

After a two-year break, Freising’s friends from old cars went on their tour again. The rush at the starting point in Freising was massive.

Freising – “And it run and run and run”: The well-known advertising slogan for the VW Beetle not only stuck in the right car, but also went very well with a Sunday morning in central Freising. There were more than 80 vintage cars to admire from Untere Hauptstrasse to Marienplatz before the parade set off in the Hopfenland direction. There were also two notable guests: Friesing area manager Helmut Betz number one and a “time traveler” with DeLorean including the flow compensator.

“Driving a classic car is actually environmentally friendly”

A little after 8 a.m., vintage car enthusiasts are busy parking downtown—here’s a 1960s Volkswagen Beetle, and there’s a red 1981 Fiat Spyder. “It’s just all there.” Peter Crayer of Oldtimerfreunde Freising explained, who was delighted that the hop-off tour, which had long been known outside the county’s borders, worked again this year after being forced to fall into the water twice due to Corona. A tour that will celebrate its 25th anniversary in two years and is hugely popular with classic car enthusiasts near and far, with 85 vehicles registered again this year.

“There are some mysteries to be solved in the journey and in the end there are of course prizes for the winners,” said Crayer, who was one thing that was important to him when it came to a possible criticism of “old combustion engines.” Old cars are actually environmentally friendly because we still use them to drive old cars and therefore we don’t use any resources when buying a new car. “In addition, classic car enthusiasts will be on the road very little and therefore rarely use any fuel and therefore do not pollute the environment as much.

This was confirmed by Bernd Moser of Pfaffenhofen, who drove a 1960 Beetle on this tour for the first time. “My first car was a Beetle, so I bought another one – as a sort of flashback to my past.”

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Waiting with great curiosity, the oldest model from this year’s Tour has arrived as well: the bright red Fiat Balilla from 1934. Proud owner Andi Peyerl of Erding, showed Gott the car from Italy and partly restored it himself. He was taking part in the Hops Tour this year for the first time and is hoping, like everyone else, that he won’t have a crash en route. Few cars: Shelby Cobra, built in 1965, with a whopping 400 horsepower under the hood. “He drives a 290, but not with me,” said Matthias Hohm, owner of the Cobra from Landshut, who had just attached a Hopventor sign to his car.

The Volkswagen bully was also part of a wide range of esteemed vehicles. A total of 85 owners of vintage cars took part in the jumping tour, which took place for the first time since the outbreak of the Corona virus. Photos: Lyman

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“Now you will ask yourself: How do things go together – classic car driving and climate protection, right?” ‘” said district manager Helmut Betz, leaning on a Mercedes SL with starting number 1, which he had accidentally borrowed from a neighbour. What’s pretty clear to Betz: “The 100 percent energy transition has to come with solar and wind, but we don’t want to criticize anyone for that. All in all, it has to be true.”

‘Back to the Future’ with the Time Travel Vehicle

However, Neufahrn’s Axel Speh’s love for a very special car was not due to playing cards, but to a Hollywood blockbuster, the blockbuster “Back to the Future”. With his time-travel vehicle, the DeLorean with classic seagull doors, including a flow compensator inside and other film equipment on board, the Neufahrner was of course an eye-catcher par excellence.

All participants in this year’s hop-off tour unanimously agreed that the ride organized by Freising Friends from vintage cars is one of the nicest and most comfortable rides on a grand scale. The citizens of Friesing also had a lot of fun with the very special car show: young and old alike roamed the parking lot in great weather and were amazed at the beauty of the different cars that once were.
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