Changing TPMS service kits at tire service is a MUST!

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When servicing vehicle tires with a Direct Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). Factory specification It must be complied with. If a tire dealer ignores your specification Replacement parts of sensor valve unit Can be referenced later for physical defects be responsible. If the tires are changed in the car, ought to Some parts are also being refurbished. It concerns components that are particularly affected by aging and wear. The sensor-based tire pressure monitoring system falls into this category of parts. The relevant parts must then be replaced Under all circumstances According to the manufacturer’s specifications. Replacing the rubber seals, unit nuts, valve inserts and seal cap for TPMS sensors is, figuratively speaking, one thing. a task. The following text explains why parts replacement is already mandatory.

Change the TPMS service group!

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Compared with the traditional valve, the sensor in the TPMS system is clear more weight. This permanently puts pressure on the valve’s rubber seal, which leads to premature wear as a result. If it is called an additional variant, then the entire rubber valve is replaced. And only recommended spare parts should be used in any case. This is especially true for valve inserts and their seal caps. The danger is greater than it would be otherwise contact erosion Come. Contact wear makes the valve unusable in a short time. Various providers of this Special Bag Sets for tire dealers in the range, which have proven very useful. They contain all the components needed for tires and rims with TPMS. This means that the service can be carried out carefully and professionally. Kits can usually be customized to the vehicle in question via the vehicle manufacturer, vehicle model, and year of manufacture. This primarily eases tire fitting.

Changing tires in vehicles with TPMS can sometimes be associated with significant extra work in terms of downtime, parts required, and costs, but you also get real added value. Because the tire pressure monitor can prevent accidents and ensure that tire wear and fuel consumption are reduced.

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These service kits are usually available for OEM sensors from all manufacturers represented in the market. Many providers also emphasize this in their ads OEM quality their groups. As a rule, there are five service groups for each type in such a case. This includes about 100 valve inserts and valve covers. Lists of apps with manufacturer-specific information also prove useful. So it is often included in the scope of delivery. TPMS solenoid valves are usually made of aluminum. For them there are different types tightening torque. So the tire fitter must make sure the torque wrench is set correctly. Usually the value is between Four and eight newton meters (Nm). If the manufacturer’s torque specification is ignored, it may cause damage. In addition, to exclude galvanic corrosion, it is important to avoid exceptions Nickel plated valve insert to use.

Possible reasons for failure:

  • Corrosion of metal parts of the TPMS sensor
  • Rubber seal cracking

Possible consequences of failure:

  • Complete sensor damage/replacement
  • No pressure loss in the tire
  • Possibly a flat tire?
  • Loss of control of the vehicle

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